Are You Cold? Practical Or Stylish?

It certainly has got colder the last few days. Winter is here whether you like it or not. I don't mind the winter, although I'm not the biggest fan of snow. I like the crisp cold air though. As the contrast person I am, I hate being too warm, but I also hate being cold. So to brave the cold temperatures one of my must haves is a good coat.

When I went to Norway a couple of weeks ago I feared that it would be colder than it was. I visited the west coast of Norway which always is milder than inland in Norway so the temperature wasn't too dissimilar to here in UK.

I had been so fortunate to chose a coat from Yours Clothing and since I was in a beautiful part of the world I decided to do a Vlog of it and here it is.

Burgundy and Black Boucle Coat With PU Sleeves and Collar.*
This coat is on sale now for half price, so go grab yourself a bargain!!!! 

As you saw I really love this coat. It's so lovely and warm. And why compromise in the winter? You can both be stylish and warm.

This coat is very well made and I love the design. The bouclé body with the contrasting faux leather quilted sleeves and collar is so stylish. The colours are beautiful and I love it that you can wear this coat both with an open collar or as a stand up collar if you prefer that.

The length is also perfect in my opinion. It's not too long and it isn't heavy. Some coats can seem really heavy, but despite being more than half wool this coat is lightweight yet warm and cosy.

I hope you enjoyed the video review and the beautiful nature in Norway. I couldn't have chosen a more picturesque place than the beautiful Atlantic Road.

Here are a few photos from the shoot too so you can see details better.

And this time I managed to button it up!! :D

Coat from Yours Clothing (HERE)*
Jumper from F&F (Old)
Jeans from New Look (HERE)*
T-shirt from Primark (Old)
Gloves from Dents (HERE)*
Boots from Evans (Old)

Are you a coat person or do you prefer thick cardigans or padded jackets?

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