Why Cropped Tops Works On Fat Girls

I've been and still are so busy as my friend from Norway is over for a visit. We are having a lovely time and I'm doing lots of videos and photos for you all to see when it calms down a bit and I get more time to blog. But in the mean time here is a video from a while back.

I never came around to publishing it before, but here it is. I'm wearing one of my favourite outfits of the summer so far and everything apart from my shoes is from Primark.

As you could see I was wearing a cropped top and I loved it. I love this look on me as I think it looks really nice and flattering.

Here are a few photos so you can see the details of my outfit.

I'm wearing

Top from Primark
Skirt from Primark
Shoes from Evans (Old)
Necklace from street market in Spain
Alice band from Ebay
Ring from Harry Fay*(HERE)

I'm off to go shopping with my friend and catching up with a blogger friend of mine so I'll catch you all later.


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