#HeresWhatIWouldHaveSpent- #1- Misguided

Hello gorgeous people.

Lovely Debz initiated this challenge because she wanted to see if we could affect the way brands are thinking in regards to sizing and plus sizes. Very many shops and brands that say they have plus sizes goes up to a size 24 which isn't big enough for everyone. Myself I'm a size 20-26 depending on what brand it is and what kind of items I'm buying.

This time we have chosen Misguided. They recently launched their plus size range, which is great and a step in the right direction. Unfortunately their plus size collection only goes up to a size 24. This is in most cases ok for me personally, but I have many plus size friends who are bigger and can't wear these lovely clothes. As plus size bloggers we hope that we can try and get brands to change their thinking by making all clothes in all sizes up to and past size 32. It would be a dream if EVERYONE could go into any shop and buy whatever they want. Go shopping there with their smaller or bigger friends without anyone feeling left out. That would be a great day.

In the mean time I've been looking at my favourite items from the current Misguided collection that I can't fit into and here is what I chose and would have spent my money on if they came up higher.

I love all these. I would wear them if they came in my size.

Chere Monochrome Tux Dress

Scalloped Mesh Insert Skirt and Top

Orla Faux Fur Leather Biker Sleeve Coat Red Check

I really like these too. I have seen similar ones in plus sizes, but I would have been even happier if I didn't have to trawl around the internet to find something similar. Just because we are plus size, why do we have to compromise? We should have just the same choices as everyone else.

Ellie Wool Check A Line Skirt

Brigitte Disco Fit Skinny Jeans In Marble Wash

Which shops would you like to be able to buy plus sizes in? 


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  1. Some really pretty choices. I love the coat with the fur trim x