What happened? Me In A Jumpsuit? / Hva har skjedd? Jeg har på meg en buksedress?

I'm very sorry for my absence lately, but I have had to take some weeks off just for myself as I have been so poorly. It started with a flu, that went on to a chest infection and so on and I even had to go to the hospital. Mentally I haven't been the best either, so it has been really hard. I can't remember if I have ever been that poorly in my entire life apart from in 2007 when I almost died. But that is a different story. Just so happy that I'm feeling better now, so I'm not going to dwell upon what has been. Look ahead.... 

To this! 

I love this outfit. It's edgy and not as cute and girly as my "normal" style is, but even more exciting cause it is something that pushes me out of my comfort zone. I have been looking for a jumpsuit to be able to wear for ages and I've finally found one. I found it on a second hand page on Facebook and for a steal price of £5 I thought it wasn't too much of a sacrifice. When I got it and tried it on I was very sceptical, but it felt and looked lovely on. I've even travelled to Tenerife in it and it kept me very comfortable and stylish the whole time. 

I'm wearing it with my lovely bargain bomber jacket from Yours Clothing and a lovely crop top from Forever21 I bought when I went with the blogger girls to Stratford. Since buying it I have got so much wear out of the jacket. I love it with it's monochrome florals. It's a jacket I know I will get so much wear out of in the spring as I can wear it with jeans or with cute dresses. Can't wait to create more outfits with it. I create a bit more shape and add some sparkle to the outfit with a silver sequin belt. 

Visable belly, but not too bad. This is something that is so far outside my comfort zone so I will high five myself for being daring. 

Also wearing my favourite ankle boots from New Look that I reviewed HERE.

Love this sparkly belt. And the top is great. It's lovely on its own, but also nice for layering.

Also wearing my Fat Babe necklace from Black Heart Creatives that I reviewed HERE. But I had put it on back to front hehe.. :) Face is very natural apart from red lippy as always. 

Jumpsuit second hand from Facebook 
Jacket from Yours Clothing (HERE)
Top from Forever 21 (HERE)
Belt from New Look (Old)
Boots from New Look (HERE)
Necklace from Black Heart Creatives (HERE)*

What do you think of jumpsuits? Do you like them? Would you wear them?

Norwegian: Jeg har virkelig tatt et stort steg utenfor komfort sonen min i dag. Jeg har tatt på meg en buksedress. Jeg har prøvd mange og har aldri funnet en som jeg har følt ser ok ut på meg. Men da jeg fant denne billig på en Facebook side for 5 pund så tenkte jeg at det var ikke mye og miste så jeg kjøpte den. Og jeg elsker den! Den er så myk og komfortabel og jeg liker denne looken veldig godt. Det er ikke typisk meg, siden det er mindre damete enn stilen jeg normalt sett har, men det er derfor jeg skriver denne bloggen her, for og prøve nye stiler. Jeg elsker den jakka som jeg har brukt her også. Den er fra Yours Clothing og er så anvendelig. Jeg har brukt den jakka mye allerede og jeg vet at det blir en jakke jeg får mye bruk for i vår og kanskje i sommer også. Jeg har på meg en stripete topp fra Forever21 og selvfølgelig måtte jeg ha litt bling så jeg tok på meg dette belte fra New Look. Favorittstøvlettene mine gjorde antrekket mitt komplett. En sporty og morsom stil om jeg kan si det selv. 


  1. Glad you're feeling better. I do like jumpsuits but have yet to find one that I like on myself. One thing that I do love about a jumpsuit is the versatility of them. You've made this look very sporty, but the exact same jumpsuit can easily go from a look like this to being elegant for a fancy night out, and I think that's something that a lot of items like the ability of.

    1. Thanks a lot lovely. :) I know they are very versatile. You actually gave me a very good idea about doing a style post with my jumpsuit for a party wear post. xx

  2. Lovely outfit post honey, that sparkly belt adds a lovely touch! xxx

    1. Thanks Laura. I have to keep a bit of girliness in the outfit :) Never wrong with a bit of bling :)

  3. The jumpsuit is a total bargain! I love the bomber jacket too.

    1. I know... I thought that it wouldn't matter if it didn't suit me for a price like that. And the jacket is amazing. I've got so much use out of it already and I know it will be a go to item for me.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Katie. :) The jumpsuit really really surprised me so I'm chuffed I liked it so much as I will try being even more adventurous. :) xxx

  5. So glad you're feeling better - I had a killer chest infection a few years ago that landed me hospital and unable to even make a cup of tea so I know they're really nasty when they go wrong!

    I love a jumpsuit, although I only realised this love last summer! This looks fab and I love the glittery belt.

    C xx

    1. Thank you hun. I'm afraid I haven't recovered yet.. so much stuff that has happened that it's almost unbelievable. I've been poorly for over 5 weeks now and I'm still on antibiotics for two different infections. Signed off work as well, so it's been a tough winter. :( But I'm in a good mood so that is at least something.

      I was so surprised when I loved this look so much. I can imagine you looking smashing in a jumpsuit as you have that kind of body that they are made for. :) I have a lot of weight carried around my tummy, but it works!! :) xxx