360° Of Curviness.

I've never been a big fan of jeans, but everyone need at least a couple of pairs of them in their wardrobe. So when Fashion World asked me if I wanted to review one of their brand new 360° range of jeans*. I read about them and it and found out that they contain a four way stretch denim that will stay in shape and fit your curves perfectly. So I was intrigued. I chose a pair of 360° fit bootcut jeans* indigo wash jeans as all the other jeans I've got are skinny so I wanted to try something different. I got them in size 22. I think I should have gone for 24 or even 26 as they were a uncomfortably snug on me, but I think that is rather to the lack of exercise the last 5 weeks when I've been more or less bedridden than anything else. Although in general I find sizing at Simply Be very off at the moment, so if in doubt I would order two sizes and send back one. It's a pain, but brands need to sort their sizing out cause in New Look jeans for instance I'm a size 22.

They feel lovely on, but I have to admit I like high waisted jeans better as I feel like they are going to fall down. I mean these are mid rise so they reach up to your belly button, but I'm one of those who like to keep my belly warm and cosy and in place as well. The fabric is amazing. Really thick, but yet flexible. I can't get past the fact that they are tight in the waist and this is making me feel a little uncomfortable. I chose the regular length on these jeans and that is the perfect length on me who is 5'6 tall. 

Love the colour of these jeans. Indigo wash which can easily be dressed up for a night out in addition to the casual style I went for here. 

Even my flat bum was given a bit of a lift in these jeans. 

Still a flat bum, but doesn't look to bad eh? :) 

I wore the jeans out on the first little walk out for weeks. I have been so poorly all winter so I haven't got much energy in my body. But I chose to go for a casual style today and I love this outfit. The shoes are a fantastic bargain from New Look. They cost me £6!!! And they are so comfortable. 

this is what I wore. 
Jeans from Fashion World (HERE)*
Long Sleeved T-Shirt bought in Tenerife
Jacket from Yours Clothing (HERE)
Necklace Christmas gift
Shoes from New Look (HERE)

I guess you notice that I have changed my hair colour and that my hair has become longer. More about this in a later post, but I hope you think it's nice on me. :) 

*item was gifted, but all views are my own.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Becky. :) I do actually have a bum under all the skirts and dresses hehe. :) Looked good in these jeans if I can say so myself. :) xx

  2. You look fab. I've got a pair of these as well. I got the 24 and they are a bit snug which is sad when all my other size 24 jeans are hanging off me. I need to try them again when I'm less bloated. I love how you've styled them xx

    1. Thank you Steph. They are a bit snug and I fully agree on what you say about other sizes hang off you in same size. I normally wear 22 in other jeans I have got(not many, but still) and they are all perfect. But they are very good jeans. :) xx

  3. I reallllllyyyy like this outfit! Casual and stylish: perfect. And when did your hair get so long?! Looks fab! xx

    1. Thanks Charlie. :) I felt really good in this, so will do more casual in the future. :) My hair is a 3/4 wig that I love. I will do a review of it soon, but it looks fantastic with my own hair and it blends in so well. :) xxx

  4. Wow your hair has got long all of a sudden! I hope you're feeling better now? I nearly bought that jacket last week. We could've been outfit twins! But it's sold out in most sizes now. xx

    1. A bit of cheat on the hair side, but it looks good though eh? :) Feeling a little bit better, so taking small baby steps here. :) Aww outfit twins.. I want to be outfit twin with you Leah cause you have such a great style!! :) :) :) xxx

  5. The jeans look great :) I'm like you I need a cosy belly