#PSBloggersLove - Natty Nikky

 Hello everyone.

In the blogging world it will always be a lot of different people and despite how hard we try to be friendly to each other, there will always be some degree of hate and dislike so lovely Debz suggested a couple of weeks ago that we would make a post where we write what we love about other bloggers. I got Nikky from Natty Nikky.

I was very happy to have got Nikky as she is such a laugh. I've only met her one time, when we both modelled at Style XL. I had been looking forward meeting her as I knew from our mutual friend Leah that she was a laugh. I was also a big fan of her blog as she has such a fun and quirky style. And I envy her hair as she always look so great with her short blond hair!!!

When I came to Style XL I went over to her and gave her a big hug. She gave the best hugs and gave me a lovely smile in return! She has the brightest smile and you can instantly tell that she is a lovely person.  I had a very fun day together with Nikky and some very memorable bra photos were taken which made us laugh and laugh.

The best one was without a doubt this one that we took for a laugh to Leah since she couldn't be there on the day with us we had to keep her updated what was happening :)

Beautiful girls. Nikky on the left and Sarah on the right. And yes, I did ask them both if it was ok that I put it out here and they were sporty enough to say yes. :) :) :)

Her smile is so beautiful and it just brightened my day at Style XL. We have said several times that we have to get time to meet up again and get to know each other more, so let us make this a promise to meet soon Nikky. Cause I really love your sense of style, your smile, sense of humour and would love to get to know you more.


Her lovely smile again. 

Nikky next to me :) 

So if you want to read a fun blog with lots of lovely outfits then head over to Nikky's blog and have a read! :)

Xxx Mookie :)


  1. Mookie thank you so much for your lovely words, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you last year you were just as I imagined you to be. You give the best hugs and are genuinely such a lovely person with a huge heart (and boobs!!!). I love the photo of Sarah and me I forgot about that one haha!!! Thank you again I am honoured to have you in my life xx