Personalised Mother's Day Gifts And A Little Discount Code

Hello everyone.

When I was at my most poorly I got this lovely surprise gift in the post. It was from the lovely people at Toxic Fox. They knew I was sick so they sent me a lovely present to cheer me up. What a sweet gesture.

I got this lovely mug that you can buy HERE. I love the saying on it and I think it is such true words.
Beautiful words. 

This chocolate is so pretty, just can't wait to taste it....

 I had written a post about some of their products for Valentines Day which was great fun. This post you can read HERE to see some of the naughty gifts they have on their brilliant website.

Since it's mothers day in just over a week I thought I would show you what I got from them and also show you a few of my favourite items from their Mother's Day section.

My dear mum unfortunately died in 2010. I miss her very much, but she lives on in me and in my heart. I will probably spend the day remembering my mum, and even if her grave is in Norway, I have a special place that I visit where I think about her on special days like Mother's Day is.

I have a mother in law and I'm also a mum myself, so I think that Mother's Day is a nice way to show the mother figure in your life a little extra attention.

And instead of the normal chocolate and flowers that you might buy her why not take a look at these lovely personalised Mother's Day presents that Toxic Fox has got on their website?

Personalised flowers with a lovely pot that she can use over and over again.

Here are some of favourites of mine.

I love this gift. It's such a personal and great gift that definitely will be shown around to friends and family. And taken out and looked at over and over again. It will guaranteed bring tears to your mums eyes. You can buy it HERE.

This is a beautiful Iphone 5 holder!! I would like one of these myself if I had an Iphone. Stunning! You can buy it HERE.

I love the Me To You collections and this is no exception. What a cute tea pot!! You can buy it HERE.

Me enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in my new mug at work.

These were just a few of the lovely things they have. They have a huge range of gifts so it's something for everyone. Head over and have a look

But be quick, Mother's Day is next weekend so in order to get the gifts in time you should order this weekend to avoid disappointance. By using the discount code TFMother it gives you 10% off ,  and the shipping is free if you spend over £40.

What plans do you have for your mum? 

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