Fat, Sexy and Well Shaped Legs.

Even if I'm fat, I'm quite lucky to have well shaped legs. I really like my legs and like showing them off. In the summer I always go bare legged, but in the winter I need tights, stockings or leggings to not become like a smurf in the colder weather that we have got now.

I normally wear leggings or tights, but with some skirts or if it for a special occasion it's nice to wear suspenders and stockings or hold ups as they gives you instant confidence and you feel very feminine.

But plus size stockings are not easy to come by. At least not some that goes up far enough on my thigh so that I don't fear the embarrassment of having my stocking around my ankle if it slides down.

Pamela Mann kindly sent me a pair of hold ups for me to try since they have a plus size range both in tights and stockings.

I had been sent the size 20-26 which was a quite good fit for me. I'm 5'6 so average height, but I have to admit that I did struggle to get them up. Ideally I would have liked it if I could have managed to stretch
them even further up on my thigh, but when it was up it stayed up the whole night I was wearing them. The stocking itself is delicately decorated with a lovely soft lace which has the normal "gluey" strips on it to keep them up. This band was a bit annoying on one stocking as it kept folding over. This made me a bit conscious about the stocking, but that being said, it did stay up so plus marks for that.

As I said, I wore them a whole night when I was out on a date night with my husband. I walked around quite a lot in them and also up and down stairs which is something I find tricky when wearing stockings. Another plus was that they didn't ladder all evening.

These stockings are good, but I think that for my own comfort would prefer to use them with suspenders as I was worried they would fall down.

Do you like wearing stockings/hold ups?


*Item was gifted to me, but all views are my own. 


  1. You have lovely legs, and you look great, you saucy minx! x x

    1. Haha Leah!!! Thank you very much. You are a saucy and raunchy minx!!! :) :) :)

  2. You have nice legs hun. Will have to get these stockings so sexy. In sure my boyfriend would approve lol

    1. Thank you Louise. :) He would definitely approve. They like a bit of lace and things left to the imagination. :) xx

  3. In addition to gorgeous plump legs, you have yummy toes and feet ;) Bravo!