Plus Size Autumnal Palette Inspiration

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. Albert Camus said this about autumn and it is one of my favourite quotes. For many people autumn is a time with depression and sadness since the days get shorter and the summer with all it's magic is just a distant memory. For me it's different. I love autumn, I love the crisp cold air, I love romantic walks along the river in the low autumn sun and the colours, the colours are like an explotion. It's like the year has been saving everything for a big final colour explosion.

I look back on my fashion sense when I was younger and I have to admit that I swore a lot to black in the autumn and in the winter. It wasn't until I was well over 30 I started being more daring to use colours when "everyone" else toned down their colour palette in what they were wearing. I do think that most people have become better at embracing the colours instead of looking like a scene from an old movie about communist Russia.

I was recently contacted by New Look who asked me if I wanted to review something from their autumn collection. I love New Look and love their Inspire range. I'm a faithful customer who buy something from them every time I get paid. I think they have a lot of affordable and well designed clothes that suits my style perfectly.

I chose this Inspire Green Floral Print Skater Dress*. I adore the big florals on this dress. They are bold and bright and the navy background makes them stand out. Whoever said that blue and green should never be seen should hang his/her head in shame as I love the combination of blue and green. Also brighter contrasts than in this dress.

I love these dresses from Inspire range even if a lot of them are designed the same way. For me these dresses are a great cut and I adore the length as it's short enough to wear with leggings. Sometimes when I wear dresses that are longer I don't think that leggings work so well for me, so I chose to wear tights instead. I could easily have worn tights with this dress as well, but it goes just as well with leggings. It also makes it better on a colder day. 

I wear a size 24 here and that is a perfect fit for me. It's not stretch in the mateial, but it isn't clingy over my chest. 

Dress, New Look (HERE)*
Cardigan, Primark (Old)
Leggings Sainsbury's (In most shops with clothes, the 2 for £10 ones)
Shoes, Marisota (Old)*
Necklace (Gift)
Bangles Evans (Old)
Handbag, David Jones (Old)

Is there any of New Look Inspire range that appeals to you this autumn?


*gifted items, but all views are my own. 


  1. Yay, this looks great on you! x x

    1. Thanks hun. I know you have it too. It's a great dress. :) I love that it is so light as well.

  2. I have that dress and love wearing it :-) .. you look great xx

    1. It's a very beautiful dress. I've worn it lots this season. :) Thank you for your lovely words. :)