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Last year was the first time I celebrated Halloween. I was dressed up as a devil and it was great fun. You can read the post about it HERE.

One of the reasons why I never have celebrated Halloween is that in Norway this has never been a big tradition.

A lot of people think that Halloween is an American thing, and despite that we have come a very long way from what Halloween originally were, it is indeed an European holiday. But whatever reason you have for celebrating Halloween it's without a doubt a day for scary fun. :)

It's mostly children dressing up and knocking on doors with their "Trick or Treat", but more and more grown ups dress up as well now.

I love this fun package the costume came in. Orange of course!! :) 

Last year I wore an outfit of things I already had and this year I had been thinking of being something to do with Norse mythology, but when Angels Fancy Dress said that they wanted me to try a plus size costume it brought a big smile on my face. That was perfect as I'm going to a Halloween party on Friday.

I took a look on their website and to my great pleasure they have a big plus size section. Lots of different costumes to chose between.

Some of the scary costumes... 
 I wanted something red and black and that something that I could identify myself a bit with so I chose to go for this outfit.

Queens of Heart from Alice in Wonderland

Cute and fun hat

I chose this costume since Lewis Carroll worked and lived in Guildford for a period. He also died and are buried here. On the way to work I drive past his house every morning, so it kind of felt like something I could relate too. Alice in Wonderland is such a great story as well, so it was perfect. I'm going to do a scaryish make up.

Here is my costume. I've had it out and tried it on and it is really good qaulity. Not flimsy and scratchy as some costumes can be. I won't be posting photos of me with it until Friday, but Angels Fancy Dress offer super quick delivery, so if you order your costume before 2pm tomorrow 30th of October it will be with you before 1pm on Halloween!!! So if you still haven't got a costume for that big party this weekend Angels Fancy Dress will definitely please you as a plus size shopper.

P.S Angels Fancy Dress has lots of non Halloween costumes as well if you need one for another occasion.

*I was gifted this outfit, but all views are my own. 

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