Scared Of Online Shopping For Glasses? Read On....

I've been wearing glasses since I was 10 years old, so that is close to 30 years!! I have never ordered glasses online before because I've been scared that they wouldn't be the right strength or that they would be uncomfortable. I'm normally a very impulsive person who like doing new things, but buying glasses online was something very daunting until I was informed about Specspost's Home Trial offer.

Home Trial easily explained is a service where you can chose from a number of different options of frames and chose three of them to try on at home before you commit to buy. How great is that? You can actually get to feel and try on and even wear them for a while to see which frame that is the best for your need. And if you're not happy you can easily send them back and ask for three more? You can do this until you find the perfect pair of glasses for you.

I was offered to try this service from Specspost and as glasses don't come cheap I was very very happy to say yes to collaborating with them.

I looked at the website and I chose three frames to try on at home. These came quickly and I tried all of them on. One of them was a no from the start, but the other two I wore for a while (with contacts in my eyes, as I'm blind as a mole) to see which ones I preferred.

Here is the pair I liked best of the ones I got sent. I really liked these frames as they are very cat eye and I love the vintage style very much.

After discussing my glasses with the lovely people at Specspost I realised that it might be a challenge with my strong prescription to get lenses that would be good as I'm very short sighted (-6.50 on my right eye and -4.75 on the left) and I need strong lenses in. I need the thinnest lenses they could offer, which is a so called 1.74, and these lenses cost extra. But this wasn't a problem, the problem was that the advicers at Specspost thought that even the thinnest lenses might be very thick if I chose a big frame like this one is. With this in mind, I decided to take a second look and I found a frame I really really loved. 

These ones. 

When I received the glasses and tried them on they were well fitting on me. Really nice frames and they suited me a lot. At least I thought so. I was divided between the cat eye ones and these, but due to the size, I chose these in the end as they would be a better fit for my thick cola bottle bottoms I must have to be able to see anything at all.

Attractive look? 

I didn't want to end up having my glasses like this so I got put in the thinnest possible lenses as I normally chose in glasses as they don't distort your eyes as some lenses do. 

And here is the result. 

Here you can see my challenge with thick lenses too. 

As you can see, the glasses are still a bit thick, but thankfully there are technology to make them as thin and attractive as possible. 

Aren't they pretty? I love them! I have wore them almost everyday since I got them. They are so cool and people have commented on how nice they are. 

When it comes to Specspost's home trial I'm so happy. It's a really great initiative and it works really well. They are quickly despatched and well packed so the frames doesn't get damaged in the post. It takes away all the fear of buying glasses online as you get to try the frames in your own home. You can get to try the glasses over a longer period than you would in a high street opticians which means that you are less likely to chose a pair that you don't like. The only thing I can remark as negative with the home trial is that you will have to pay for the postage when you send the glasses back, but with the cheap prices that Specspost are offering this isn't a big issue.

I will definitely come back to order more from Specspost as they convinced me that buying glasses online isn't an ordeal after all.

Have you ever bought glasses online? 


*these glasses were gifted to me, but all views are mine. 

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