Standard Office Outfit

I work in an office, and as normal here in UK you dress appropriately according to company policies. In my office it is smart, but not necessarily office smart that is the dress code. I normally wear dresses with tights and heels or flats, but have to leave the most coulorful and patterned garments at home.
Every night before I go to bed I chose what to wear the next morning so I don't have to panic in the morning about what to wear, cause trust me in the morning if I get stressed regarding what to wear means trouble!! 
Today I was wearing my trusted polkadot very ladylike dress from New Look Inspire that I find so comfortbable for work. It is made in a very light jersey fabric, yet not see through which is a big bonus as it means I can just slip it on, team it with some cute shoes and out the door. I do like New Look Inspire range, but I think very many of their dresses are made of cheap feeling fabic that clings and the lining is static. They can do it right, as proven with this dress, so New Look why not make more of these kind of dresses? They are versatile for work or a night out or even if it is the first time you meet your new boyfriends mum. Not too revealing, but still sexy and figure hugging. 
Shoes are from Evans and my beautiful necklace I found on Etsy. 
What do you guys think of New Look Inspire?
XXX from Mookie


  1. I love the dress! I agree, New Look's clothing has definitely gone down in quality in the couple of years I've been buying from them. I wouldn't mind paying a few more pounds for lining which wasn't static or for material which is a little thicker.

    If you hate thin fabrics steer well clear of Very - everything is so thin it's almost non-existent! x

    1. Thanks for the tip Leah!!! I know what you mean.. a bit like Primark, but at least at Primark it's cheap... so you kind of don't expect anything much of the fabric...
      I used to love New Look and are still buying quite a lot from them, but I do think I send back more than I keep. What is your favourite high street retailer? Mine is probably still New Look, but Evans on shoes!! I love Evans shoes. But most my shopping I do online!! Asos and Simply be are big favourites!! :D

  2. Lovely dress. You look fab, hun. ♡

    ♡ Mel xoxo