Plus size website for tights!!

I came across this lovely website for us bigger ladies when I was just randomly searching for bigger sizes in tights. It might be that it is a well know site for many of you, but I have never heard of them before.  As a plus size girl I always find tights an ordeal to get right cause they never seem to be big enough. I like having tights that are big enough to pull over my big fat tummy, yet doesn't lose shape because it is too big or too poorly made. 
The Big Bloomers Company  have got a great range of tights in sizes from 12-42. The tights comes in different sizes, thicknesses and best of all in lots of different colours as well. They also sell knickers, hosiery, suspenders and lots of other plus size underwear and garments. 
I will place my first order tomorrow,  for some nice tights that I can use in the winter. Prices are not bad either so hurry over to the website and have a look. 
XXX Mookie

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  1. I've heard of these before and you've reminded me so thank you! I need some good tights!