Enjoying the last days of summer.

Every year I refuse to let go of summer. I do love the summer even if I don't handle the heat very well. If it goes above 25 degrees celsius I seem to struggle. That aside I do love the summer cause I love wearing light clothes and shoes and walk around with bare legs and be ready to go out in just a minute. No need for any warm coats or boots (although I love boots and coats in the winter), just a lovely summer dress and a pair of sandals and you're off. 
This year is no different. It seems to have been a change in weather over the last couple of days, but I spent a lovely evening the other day in my mother in law's lovely garden watering the plants (and myself :D). 
I was wearing a lovely summer dress in Paisley print from New Look Inspire which I think is lovely. I think New Look has got lovely affordable clothes for plus sizes. Sometimes the fabric tend to be a bit cheap quality and tend to cling to the body, but this dress is lovely. I couldn't find the blue one I'm wearing on the website anymore, but they do have the Pink one on the website for £14.99 which is a bargain price. 
I'm also wearing these really cute sandals from Evans. I am a big fan of Evans footwear and these are brilliant. Lovely colour and lovely shape. You easily add 3 inches to your height without feeling like your about to fall over. They are reasonably comfortable and I wore them the whole day in the office with no problems or pain. They sell them now at Evans for bargain price of £15.00. 
Are you guys still clinging on to summer or have you started getting down boots and coats from the attic?


Sorry for the bad photo quality, taken with my phone so not to best. 

XXX Mookie 


  1. I've already got my coat out. :) I love the sun but not the heat, so summer is nice and horrible for me at the same time. Winter makes me seek solace in booze! x

    1. Hehe, oh have you? Mine is still in the attic!! :) And I really want a new one this year and a really warm wadded winter jacket too, cause I'm going to Norway in November so I will need it. :)

      Hehe, winter and booze sounds like a warming cosy time though. :) I don't drink much, only in when I go out with friends. :)

  2. Beautiful dress and lovely pictures. You're such a beauty. ♡

    ♡ Mel xoxo