Quiet weekend and new lipstick!

This weekend has been quiet and nothing much has happened. I got sick on Friday as I fainted three times, once at work, so had to go to the doctor. Took lots of blood tests and checked my heart and blood pressure, but couldn't find anything wrong then and there. Got instructions from the doctor to stay in bed and rest all weekend and then come back for more blood tests on Tuesday. Was very worried on Friday, cause have only fainted one time before in my life. But the weekend has been nice despite me not feeling very well. Mike has been the kindest most caring nurse a patient could ask for. He has done everything for me so I wouldn't have to strain myself. 
Have used the time I have had to catch up on some things that I haven't had time for lately due to stress at work. I have done some few things to my blog as I'm really enjoying blogging again after a long break. I have registrered for tickets for Plus London, cause I really wanted to go to Plus North this weekend, but I couldn't (and due to me fainting I'm glad I hadn't made arrangements) for several reasons. Looking forward to Plus London though even if I'm new to all this plus size blogging community. Will probably made a whole weekend out of it even if I live only 35 min outside of London. 
Mike surprised me yesterday when he went out shopping, cause he came back home with some nice little gifts for me that he knew I would get use for. I have a shopping ban for myself, but I'm not breaking that if my lovely husband are buying me a gift. He bought me some fun Glowing nail polishes that will be perfect for when we go out from work for Halloween. He also bought me a new brown eyeliner and two eyebrow pencils as he knew I was running low. He also bought me a lovely lipstick in a bright pink colour. Lovely it was!! It is the shade 20 from Kate Moss' range with Rimmel. 
Today it was a very dark and gloomy day so we only went for a drive to get some fresh air. I always have the window open when we are out driving and this cleared my head. I have struggled with a headache all weekend so was good to get out for a bit. 
I tried my new lipstick today and it is so pretty. I have two of Kate Moss' range lipstick now and both are really good. Great deep colours and they stay on really well without bleeding too much if I haven't applied lip liner.
Going to work tomorrow to see how I feel. I will take it easy though as I don't want to faint again. Hopefully I will be ok as it is so boring just having to stay in all weekend. 
Did you guys have a nice weekend or did the weather put a damp on the activities?

XXX Mookie


  1. Awww, your hubby is such a treasure! I'm glad you had a lovely relaxing weekend. I hope work goes OK tomorrow and you get some answers soon about your health. x x x

    1. Aww thanks Leah. I have struggled the last few days, but feels better today. Getting the answers on my blood tests tomorrow, so a bit nervous... :(

  2. Excuse me, your hubby did what? oO Like Leah said, you got the jackpot. Mine is overstrained when I show him pictures and say: "Bring me this please when you're in the city" … I'm a bit jealous. ;)

    Hope you feel better. Fainting without a reason is awful. Did it friday night and last night, followed by an awful migraine attack. :(

    ♡ Mel xoxo

    1. Oh dear did you faint too?? Are you struggling with it??? Hope you feel better too. :) I feel a little bit better today, have struggled this week.

      I do thank my lucky stars when it comes to my hubby. He is so kind and loving. :) I'm in love..... <3