The Little Red Dress Styled 3 Ways

Red is one of the colours I've got most of in my wardrobe. I love this colour. Maybe it's to signalise that I'm not scared to be seen? Or maybe it is because I feel full of life in it? It is definitely a colour that gives me an energy and self confidence boost, and I think it's a mix of the above that makes me enjoy wearing red. Red is my go to colour on days I want a bit of an extra push or if the weather is really depressing.

With zips being everywhere as an accessory right now I was thrilled when I saw this dress from Simply Be*. It's a textured fit and flare dress and it's a perfect red colour.

I really like this dress. I wouldn't say I love it, but it's a very good all around fit and flare dress that can go with most things you're wearing. I like the length of it and the fabric has a lovely feel to it as it's kind of a waffle texture to it. I like it that it is sleeveless as well cause it just increases the way I can style it. I don't like it that the zip goes all the way up to under my chin, but this is more my personal preference since I like having an open chest. So for me this dress would have worked even better if the zip stopped a couple of inches down.

I've chosen three different styles to show you how easy you can make this dress to go from a casual day out for a walk outfit to a more night on the town look. So here we go.

Jumper from Boohoo via Asos (sold out)
Dress (HERE)*
Leggings from Sainsburys
Wellies from Wide Wellies. Review (HERE)*

 With this first look I've worn it as part of a casual walking outfit with a thick jumper and wellies. It looks effortless and cute.

For the second look I've chosen this.

Western Style Denim Jacket from Simply Be (HERE)*
Dress from Simply Be as above*
Tight from Primark
Boots from Simply Be (Old)

 It's more of a going to a cafe with a friend look or even going to a gig. Added a stylish cropped denim jacket and some amazing animal print boots. Lots and lots of silver bangles just adds to the outfit.

Jacket from Navabi with lovely material.

 Jacket from Shenzi via Navabi (HERE)
Dress from Simply Be as above*

Boots from Evans (Old)

 For the third look I chose to wear it as an outfit I would wear out for a meal with my husband or even out for a night on the town. I've sparkled it up a bit with patent knee high boots and a blingy belt. I'm also wearing my lovely jacket from Navabi. 

What look do you think worked best and how would you style the little red dress? 



  1. Such a cute dress, and I love red too but I never wear it - I think I like to blend into the crowd :) I prefer the middle look but I do love your wellies too!

  2. Loving the bright look. The wellies are so gorgeous.

  3. That dress looks amazing on you and so versatile!

  4. Oh the second look is DEFINITELY my favourite, the little denim jacket is perfect!

  5. Oh the second look is DEFINITELY my favourite, the little denim jacket is perfect!

  6. I like the third one best. It's a lovely dress and provides easy access for Mike! Hahaha. xx

  7. Ooh,I need that dress in my life! Love all the ways you styled it :) xx

  8. When I imagine you in my head when I see your name pop up online, I always envision you in red, it is so your colour! I love how you've styled this, you babe xx

  9. Oh Mookie, this dress is delightful! Love the different ways you've styled it!

    C xx

  10. The middle look works best for me. Why can't you leave the zipper halfway?? (Maybe it unzips itself) I know I prefer a lower neckline so I would def try this. Cute dress !!