This month's theme was chosen by the lovely Kate over at who suggested that we could write about something that made us feel happy, amazing and excited. And since you can't get enough happiness and sharing it with my readers makes it even better.

I don't think I have been happier in my life than I am right now. In this blogpost I've talked about the three most important elements for my happiness. Despite being in a very poor state physically and mentally, I'm still really happy.

My husband, Mike(and my daughter and family).

I've never been more happy than I have been the last almost 7 years and he gives me dimension and meaning for living despite going through some of the roughest years of my life with losing both my parents and also sending my daughter off from home to get a better life for herself. I've had to be very selfless and learn how to let go of things that had been my demons for a long long time. He has showed me love, kindness and care in ways I never knew existed. He is a great listener and he understands me, even if my troubles are something he might not have encountered before. He has his own way of putting himself into my situation and talk to me in a way that make things not sound so doom and gloom as they seem in my head. When I have my lows he is there to help me up and when I have my highs he is there to celebrate them with me. I can see that this hasn't been easy on him, but despite this he tells me every day how much I have improved his life and that I have given his life meaning too. He has a lovely family as well that has greeted me with open arms and accepted me for me. I feel so loved and appreciated and so does my daughter. She has also been welcomed by both Mike and his family like their own. My relationship to my daughter has also become better since meeting Mike. He has his own way with people and are the born negotiater. And for a teenager that see her mum and dad breaking up and finding new partners is never easy, but Mike has made it so easy for her to like him and he treats her like his own daughter. My daughter say that I have become a kinder, happier and more calmer person since meeting Mike and that is something that makes me happy cause that is exactly how I feel too.

I love all these people!! They are friends and family and what gives my life a meaning <3 


There are few things in life that I think of as more important than travelling. It's something that broadens you mind, opens your senses and gives you a bigger tolerance for differences and changes, it makes you more knowledgeable and you learn new languages and cultures. I've always been a geek when it comes to geography, history and learning new languages, so travelling was something that become a part of me as very young. I've always travelled a lot. Since I was a child I've always been so lucky that my dad always saw the importance of broadening my horizons by taking me to Sweden, Finland and all over Norway looking for new adventures. We didn't have much money growing up, but my dad always managed to save up money so we could go away for a week or two travelling together. It was no frills or luxury, it was camping and carrying everything we needed in our backpacks. Travelling with bus and train since we didn't have a car so it was hard work. But looking back on it, what amazing memories it has given me. Some of the things I've done is something that is not on the agenda of most people's holidays. I've been washing gold very near the Russian border in Finland, I was trekking in the footsteps of Musk Ox in Norway, I was summer bobsleighing in Rovaniemi in Finland and feeding reindeer in Sweden. These experiences as a child has shaped me into a restless nomad as a grown up with an urge for constant change and I'm on the outlook for new experiences all the time. I'm lucky to have found Mike as he loves travelling too and together we travel as much as we possibly can. Both in the UK and abroad. And common for our travels are that we love going off the beaten track to explore hidden secrets. We don't mind going to tourist destinations, but we always set off on excursions away from the hords of tourists. A lot of people have asked us why we don't save up our money and buy a new bigger flat or house as the one we live in now is a studio flat with limited space. But the truth is that we really enjoy our little flat and we actually own it, so we are more fortunate than a lot of people. To us the materialistic way of living is not our priority. We want to get out there and explore. We are toying with the idea of moving to Spain now for a change. I have lived in four countries in my life so far, and I would love to add Spain to my list too.


As I've grown older I have become less and less fond of the busy life of a city. Tired of everything that I I used to love city life with bars, cafe's and everything I wanted and needed within reach. But with the years I've realised that I so much more prefer the closeness to nature and a lot of space. I grew up in a beautiful place far up north in Norway with lots of wilderness and beautiful scenery. As a teenager I couldn't wait to move away and get to the cities with lots of things on offer. I needed to get away and see something else. I've always had the need for exploring as I wrote about in the paragraph above. But as I have got older, my priorities have changed and I see myself seeking to countryside and places further away from people more and more. It gives me a special kind of calmness and peace in mind if I'm laying on a completely empty beach somewhere or if I'm surrounded by nothing but nature and no noises to be heard. I remember my dad always saying to me that I would change as I got older, something I would object to very strongly, and now I have to admit that he was right.

My beautiful home place where I grew up and has shaped to who I am today <3 

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What makes you happy?



  1. Another awesome post! All these posts make me happy.

  2. Mookie I really love this piece. I know I've not met Mike but I love all your pictures together and the adventures you go on. I'm so glad you have all these wonderful things in your life that make the lows a little more bearable. \

    Love you Mookie,

    C xx