Bellapierre Ruby Mineral Lipstick Review

This time it's a little beauty post from me. I haven't blogged about beauty for a while, but will start making more post with beauty in them.

For Christmas I was given a whole make up kit from a brand I had never heard about before called Bellapierre and when I did a bit of research I found out that this brand is cruelty free. Nothing makes me more happy than a cruelty free brand as I try to get more and more over to using only cruelty free products. I love animals, but I'm also a creature of habit and have searched long and hard for a replacement for my trusted Ruby Woo from Mac which is my go to red lipstick and has been for years. Bellapierre also claim that this has is made of natural waxes and mineral pigments, iron oxides and even antioxidants. It doesn't contain any lead, parabens or lanolin either, so I couldn't wait to get started using it. Price is about the same as MAC too, so mid-range price wise I would say.

I didn't have any expectations to this lipstick when I first tried it on, but after using it for over a month or so I have to say I'm impressed. Please read on to see why.

First thing you see with this lipstick is this elegant and really pretty packaging. One of the nicest plastic packaging I've seen. Far prettier than the bullet from MAC. However it could have been made in a stronger plastic cause after a while in my handbag it has scratched up a lot.

 The colour I had been given is called Ruby and as the name suggests it's a bright pillar box red colour. First thing you notice when you open it is the lovely vanilla scent. It's really nice and quite strong, so it almost reminds me of candy.

When applying it the first that strikes me is the soft, creamy and silky texture it has and it glides on like a dream. There is no need for a lipbalm under this lipstick as it is very moisturising on the lips. It's quite pigmented and I needed two coats of lipstick to get this colour result. See below. It says that it is a matte lipstick, but I wouldn't call it super matt, it's more of a semi-matte lipstick.
Bellapierre Ruby before eating

 Excuse my applying, I didn't apply lipliner before applying this lipstick so it's a bit uneven around the edges.

The colour is fantastic, a perfect red colour. Bright red, not orange at all.

Since it was so creamy and light on the lip I was very curious to see how long lasting this lipstick was and again this lipstick is surprising me. After wearing it for 6 hours, eating lunch and talking a lot this is how it looked! I had a sandwich for lunch when I wore this lipstick and also the same sandwich for lunch when I wore Ruby Woo from Mac.

Bellapierre Ruby after eating

As you can see it looks still really good apart from a tiny bit of fading in the middle and at the right side of the upper lip. It's also been a bit of bleeding, but that is thanks to me not using a lip liner!! And as you can see it's still glossy and nice. I'm really impressed. I had managed to get some lipstick under my lip where it had rubbed off my lip from eating.

Not bad for a light feel lipstick. I mean I'm used to my trusted Ruby Woo and it's also really nice covering and long lasting, but as you can see the difference after eating and wearing it for the same amount of time is quite significant. And in my opinion very surprising.

MAC Ruby Woo before eating

MAC Ruby Woo after eating
I had never thought that I would find a lipstick that lasted as well as Ruby Woo, but I was in for a surprise. While you can barely notice any smudging of the Bellapierre lipstick the Mac has faded a lot more at the inner part of the lip.

Bellapierre Ruby to the left, Mac Ruby Woo to the right. One swipe with each.

As you can see it's a lighter red than Ruby Woo, but a bright lovely red which I think will suit most of you. If you're a fan of very matte lipsticks then Ruby Woo would  still be a favourite, but this one from Bellapierre has definitely convinced me to buy it again when I runs out. It's a good alround lipstick and lighter on your lip. It won't replace Ruby Woo for me, but it will definitely become a must have in my lipstick collection.  

What is your favourite red lipstick? 



  1. I hold my hands up and say they both look slightly similar to me, though I am colour-blind, one just looks shiny and the other not.

  2. I love a nice red, this one looks fab. Unfortunately MAC isn't cruelty free anymore x

  3. I really like it and am surprised a lipstick with that much gloss lasts a long time. It looks quite sheeny to me and it really suits you. I used to wear MAC until they starting allowing their stuff to be tested and sold in China, so I don;t buy it any more. I only have one lippie by them, and I still use it but won't buy anything new from them. xx