My Best Buy Of The Winter

I was looking for a cape as I didn't have one, but really wanted one. I wanted one with a nice colour and when I found this one in my winter favourite berry colour from Joanna Hope for Simply Be I had to splurge out and get one. It was exactly how I wanted a cape. 

I've had this cape for a few months now and I've used it most of the winter. It's been my definite most loved jacket in the cold periods. Overall it has been a mild winter so I've mostly worn it without anything else than a top under as it's not just pretty to look at, but also warm. When it has been colder, I've easily teamed it with a long sleeve jumper for added warmth as the sleeves aren't full length.They are more 3/4 length. Cause even if it is a cape, there are sleeves in a way, but they are very wide. 

Cape Joanna Hope for Simply Be (HERE)
Tunic from Scarlett&Jo from their sample sale
Trousers from New Look (HERE)
Boot from New Look (Old)

It's so elegant and stylish and goes with most thing. I've worn it with jeans, skirts, dresses and here I'm wearing it with leather trousers and a tunic. I also like comfort and easiness when dressing and this cape is just so easy to quickly put on if you're just nipping to the shop. And bonus that it just adds extra elegance automatically even if the rest of your outfit is quite casual.

The fake fur is so soft and to die for. It's not scratchy or prickly against your skin. Just really soft and cosy. It's almost like you're wearing a cuddly animal. The cape has a hook and eye fastening which unfortunately came lose very quickly after I bought it, but I just sowed it back on again and it's been stuck since.

This cape is on sale at Simply Be right now for £50 so grab yourself a bargain as this is a garment you will be treasuring in the years to come. Even if it is starting to become lighter and hopefully warmer weather I still wear it and I will be wearing it next autumn too as despite me wearing it a lot it's no sign of it. Still as pristine as when I bought it. They have it in black, midnight blue and natural as well so if this colour isn't your favourite there might be a colour that suits you more.

This colour has been my go to colour of the winter as well. I've got it in my winter coat and also some lovely shoes I bought so I've been having a berry colour craving this winter.

Do you like capes?


  1. Love this cape on you the colour is just perfect!
    Love, Lucy
    Lucy Loves

  2. Looks great on you honey - love the dark colour against you blonde locks!

    C xx

  3. That looks really good and the colour is so you! xx