Vintage Retro Cuteness With Lindy Bop

I'm a big fan of vintage style, especially swing dresses as I think they are so super cute and feminine. It fits with my girly style perfectly and I have lots and lots of vintage looking dresses. However, I really don't like it looking like a costume as it can easily look like by wearing all 40s or 50s accessories, so I like adding some things that doesn't scream retro that much. Wearing a lovely retro looking dress with retro looking shoes, handbag, accessories etc can be nice for a special ocassion, but it's not how I would style these kind of dresses normally.

The photos for this outfit were taken a while back, but I've completely forgot to write about it, so when I found the photos I couldn't just discard them as the outfit is too cute to not share.

I saw this dress on lots of other plus size bloggers and it looked amazing. I loved the print and I loved the colour and style, so I bought it.

This dress is called Saphy and are still available on Lindy Bop's website HERE. Due to previous experiences with very small Lindy Bop sizing I bought this in 26 to have room for my boobs. But when I put it on it was to my surprise too big! This dress  is a halterneck and what I normally do with halterneck dresses is to sow on the straps at the back to get straps instead as I'm not a big fan of halternecks. For this shoot I just tucked the straps into my bra at the back. But the whole dress didn't feel right on my body. It's a well crafted dress with lovely details to the bodice with cute buttons and a collar. But it's the bodice that doesn't fit my body very well. It's an odd shape on me. It just doesn't hang right and I tried it on with a belt to see if that would improve it, but it didn't. It's wide on top so I think that might be the reason why. It might have been a better fit if I got it in a 24, but I don't think so as  I think they seems are just too wide set for my shape.

Love the pockets on this dress, but not enough to keep it, so I've already sold it on to someone I hope get more joy out of it than I know I would.

The skirt is lovely and full. A true circle I would say as I don't think I've tried a dress that has had a more voluminous skirt than this. If you have a big bum shelf or wide hips I think the skirt in this dress will be amazing on you as it's so much space in it.

I wore this dress with leggings and ankle boots to make it a bit less dainty. 

Close up of the bodice and as you can see it's very wide and there is extra material to the sides that just sits there and makes it bulky and unflattering.

I like my hair like this though :)

Wearing the dress with a blingy cardigan from Primark. And a simple bangle bracelet from Evans.

I've bought a lot of dresses from Lindy Bop as they have a lot of lovely dresses. I just wish they could get their sizing more spot on as I have had to send back almost all of them apart from three due to too little room in the boob section. While this one is too big again! Consistency is important cause not everyone can afford buying two sizes even to send one back. My biggest wish is for them to get more dresses with stretch as these would fit me better, or even better for those of you who are the upper range of plus sizes, to extend the sizing to a 32 or bigger.

Have you ever bought a dress from Lindy Bop? What are your favourite? Any tips to any stretchy/big sized dresses you can tip me about?



  1. Mookie, cute doesn't cover how amazing you look in this dress - you really are a delight!

    C xx

  2. You look so carefree and happy in these photos. I've still got my dress but the straps are way too widely spaced on me and they keep falling off my shoulders. It's very oddly made, but it makes me look amazing. xx

  3. I think the dress is absolutely fabulous and I also love the blingy cardigan too x

  4. I love the fabric and the black trim at the top really sets the dress off. It looks gorgeous on you. Tx

  5. I love Lindy bop. Like you I usually mix the retro pieces with something more contemporary, it creates a cool look. I love this dress on you, super cute.

  6. Just seen so many gorgeous ps ladies looking great in this dress. Katt Martin, Lucia from You Can't Wear That, and now you! Wish that was a colour that worked on me. Such a cute pattern and you look great!