Scarlett & Jo Website Launch- True Diversity In Plus Size Fashion

Hello everyone.

Today was an exciting day for us plus size bloggers. Many of us took part in a big project that showed us that Scarlett&Jo really takes diversity seriously. The team behind Scarlett&Jo had invited around 30 of plus size bloggers and models to be models for the website they launched today.

I'm proud to show you all the result of the photos and also show you photos from all the fun we had throughout the day.

Photo courtesy of Scarlett&Jo

Photo courtesy of Scarlett&Jo

I think Scarlett&Jo has done something very important and I would go as far to say that they are pioneers in the way they are using plus size women of all sizes from size 14 to a size 32, but also different heights, ethnicity and ages. We would have had one lady in a wheel chair as well in on the shoot, but she had to say no due to other commitments. 

In my opinion this is something that the rest of plus size retailers should follow as it is something that plus size bloggers have been talking about for years. We want to see the clothes on different bodies that we can identify us with. 
On the website and for instance take a look at these dresses you can see on Debz (size 32) who is rocking the same dress as Pippa (size 16) and  Lucia (size 32) and Julia(size 16) showing that the same dress looks amazing on two completely different plus sizes.

 Or Leah who is wearing a size 28, whilst Cerise is wearing a size 16. 

Don't they all look lovely? This goes to show that there is absolutely no excuse for not making all clothes in all sizes, and I bow in awe to Scarlett&Jo for being the first to dare to take the plunge and fully show their clothes on all sizes. 

Over to my day over at the Scarlett&Jo HQ. 

I met up with Leah outside of Oxford Circus station early Saturday morning. The streets were empty. I've never seen London and Oxford Street that empty before. It was like it was just after some sort of natural disaster!!! 

I had already ran into Tanya and Vicky, but they didn't have time to hang around with me till Leah came.  Instead I had the pleasure of being approached by two men that probably thought I was a prostitute or something since I was hanging around street corners this early in the morning on a Saturday!! 

When Leah came we went straight to Scarlett&Jo's offices where we were greeted by Gifi who showed us our dresses that we were going to model. I had been given two beautiful dresses in my favourite prints polkadots (from now also knows as Lollidots) and animal print. So it was obvious that Gifi had been paying attention to what I like. 

I said hello to some old familiar faces and some new ones before we were sat in the make up chair to get all pampered and styled before starting shooting. It's always so lovely having your make up done by a professional. I had a lovely make up artist called Enrica who was so lovely and listened to what I had to say about what I liked and didn't like. I have linked to her Facebook page HERE so you can take a look at her beautiful work and if you need a really good make-up artist. 

Selfie of my make up and hair in my first dress of the day. Don't I look good if I can say so myself? 

My first dress. One of the dresses from the Lollidots collection that is coming soon.
Beautiful comfortable 1940 style dress in a stunning navy colour which suits my complexion perfectly. Such a cute dress with a lovely neckline and 3/4 length sleeves.  

I have worked in front of camera quite a bit in the past both here in UK, when I lived in Canada and in my native Norway, but it was still quite daunting to be standing there with the lights on you. And never on anything as big as this I have to confess. I was feeling extra self conscious due to my balance disorder that makes it difficult for me to keep my balance. I had to do a twirl for the website and the first time around I did lose my balance so it knocked my confidence a bit. But I had to do it again and it went fine. So confidence restored. 

While we were waiting for our turn to have our photos taken Leah and I posed for Mayah who took these cheeky photos of me and my wifey. :) Thanks Mayah for bringing out the cheekyness of us both.

I love our faces here :) 

My other dress of the day was my absolute favourite. And this dress is on the website, all ready for ordering very soon. The photos at the start of my post is this dress and it's made in an incredibly soft and comfortable scuba fabric with a soft touch to it. I think the website talk about it as peach touch stretch jersey. It is the most comfortable fabric I've worn. 

Once again, thanks Mayah for taking this photo of me.

Doesn't it look fantastic? 

I can't praise this dress highly enough. I love it. I have to give this dress 10/10 for fit, design and versatility. I can see myself wearing this dress as I did for the shoot, but also with leggings and a soft cardigan or rock it up a bit with tights, ankle boots and a leather jacket. I love the elongating details to the side of this dress and I don't mind the hanky hem at all. I'm not a big fan of hanky hems normally, but this dress is so flowy and light so the hanky hem accentuate the flow in the dress. I felt like a princess in this dress.

Enrica changed my make up a bit for this shoot, to a bit more night on the town look and doesn't it look amazing?  

Best selfie of the day. Haha.. Leah <3

 Being a blogger we always found time to do a lot of selfies in between shoots and here is a few. :) I'm sure you'll recognise most of us. 

I want to say a big thank you to everyone at Scarlett&Jo for having me as their size 24/26 model and I hope to do the same again sometime as I had a fantastic day!

Before I end this post I wanted to show you the video of me showing off the lovely Animal Print Hanky Hem Dress.

 If you want to see how I look on the Scarlett&Jo website, please follow this link HERE and I would be happy for any feedback.



  1. This looks like it was so much fun to work on, and you look absolutely stunning (as ever!). That dress is amazing on you! :) x

  2. You looked so lovely, and the pictures really show it hon. It was a busy and crazy day, but so good to be with all you ladies in beautiful clothes!

  3. Hahaha, that selfie with me growing out the back of your head is hilarious! I'm glad I got to spend the day with you. :) xx

  4. You look lovely and it looks like such a fun day! So many smiles - and that selfie with Leah is so funny! xx

  5. Looks like such an amazing fun day! Super pretty

    Umber x