Elomi Caitlyn- A Great Bra For Boobs Beyond The Biggest Sizes.

I was so lucky to be invited to the British Plus Size Awards by lingerie company Elomi Lingerie where they are up for the prize of best lingerie. I have been a big fan of Elomi bras as they tend to be the best fitting bras I can find. I always struggle with finding bras that fit well as my boobs are too big for them. Elomi bras are great quality bras, but it doesn't go without having to compromise!

I'm wearing the lovely Caitlyn* in black here (42K) and it's a very beautiful everyday bra. It's beautifully embroidered and the cups gives you very nicely rounded shape.

As you can see the bra is too small in the cup. This is their biggest cup K and my boobs are bulging over the edge. 

The band is 42 and it's a good fit for me as it gives me support without being too tight. 

The boobs are spilling over the edge when I follow the lovely Caroline from Curvy Wordy's  advice of scoop and swoop by bending over and scopping all breast tissue into the cup. 

There is a difference of 22 inches between my underbust measurement and my overbust measurement so I need bigger cupped bras. Please lingerie companies, start making bigger cups for us bigger women with bigger band sizes as well. 

 This bra is a very good bra as it lifts my boobs and I don't feel the weight of them as much as with less supportive bras. Great constructed back band and firm, but still comfortable material in the cups makes this bra ideal for everyday wear. Cause when you've got heavy big boobs, you do want support and lift more than anything. 

As you can see the bra is too small in the cup, but perfect fit around the back. Straps are sitting comfortable on my shoulder and lays flat on my chest/shoulder which means that the weight of my boobs are not on the straps. I never ever suffer from back or neck ache due to my boobs. I think this is to the fact that I'm wearing a tight band that gives me support. 

To accomodate for my boobs, since K cup is pretty much the biggest all bras goes up to with a couple of exceptions, I always have to compromise and scoop my boobs more into the cup which again means that it spills over the sides instead. In the photo above I have moved some breast tissue and you can see some of it bulging over the side instead. I forgot to take proper photos of this, but I will add them later when my photographer comes home from work so he can take some for me. I don't have another choice and this is what I'm being used doing for as long as I can remember. Sometimes this means that I get nipple burns as my nipples keeps rubbing up against the fabric of the bra. It's such a shame that lingerie brands can't start making bigger cups and bigger backs cause surely I'm not the only one with the problem of too small cups. 

In the photo below I've moved the breast tissue more and it's starting to look better on. The centre gore is still miles away from my breast bone, but at least I don't have a quad boob and it feels comfortable. 

After I've scooped some breast tissue back into the bra it looks ok so I can wear it under clothes. 

I have to admit that Elomi get my points for comfort, style and long life expectancy as their bras are very comfortable and pretty. 

 I like the band on the bra to be tight. I'm 43 inches around, but tend to wear 40 and 42. Never uncomfortably tight, but snug. I feel that my boobs get more support that way. The straps dig in a little bit, but what can you expect when I'm wearing a bra that is too small. It's not painful at all and the straps are very comfortable. Fully adjustable as well.

 The panties that comes with this set are so lovely and very comfortable. Even if I like my tummy to be completely covered in a high waist style, these panties are really good. I wore them a whole day and they didn't ride down! Lovely satiny material with cotton gusset for added comfort. I'm wearing a size 2X and they fit perfectly. 

I would give this set 4 stars out of 5 as it's comfortable, sturdy, pretty and is going to last me a long time. I have to take one star off for not being bigger in the cup, so please Elomi bring out bigger cups like L, M, N, O and P to accommodate for us girls with extra big boobs please. 

Do you struggle to find bras in your right cup size? 


*This product was gifted to me, but all views are my own.


  1. What a fantastic review! It's a shame the bra is far too small in the cups for you but in your situation you just have to find something that you can make do with, and this is a good option. I'm cross though that you have to make do, as it's just not good enough! However, posts like yours will make other plus size women with very large boobs check their sizing and maybe a few more voices will be added to the demand for larger cups. I need a 34L/LL and as I can't get that size in the UK I buy from abroad as you know. It's time British brands stepped up! xxx

  2. You look fantastic <3 I love your pictures.

    Bradley from the UK

  3. I think Elomi are great quality and looking forward to receiving my first set soon. Have you tried the Ewa Michelak bras? I know most of our bigger busted friends swear by them!

  4. Such a shame that lingerie brands don't make bigger cup sizes! But that's why it's so important for bloggers to write these reviews; maybe some of the feedback will get through and they will add more sizes at some point.

    In any case, you look lovely. It's a very pretty set and I love the fishnet stockings - very sexy! ;) xx

  5. I feel for you as I think the selection I get as a g cup is poor but for you it must be just awful x

  6. It's such a shame they don't do the bra in your cup size as it's such a gorgeous set. and looks smokin' on you!! The fact it's comfortable and supportive is a bonus. I always struggle to find pretty bras in my cup size, once you go past a DD bras start looking more boring than sexy. I will head on over to Elomi and have a look though as I really like this set.

    Have fun at the Plus Size awards! I'm sure it'll be an amazing night :) xx

  7. This is really pretty. I can find bras in my size but find that over a certain cup the bras tend to get a bit matronly and unsexy, this one is lovely though.

  8. love love loooveeeeeeeeeee <3 <3 <3 you are superb girl!!!