Are You Taken Back To The 70s?

The 70s style that is so on trend these days has never been a big favourite of mine, but when I was sent this beautiful Bonded Waterfall Gilet I thought I would do a 70s style outfit with my twist to it.

And here is the result! Excuse my terrible attempt on recreating the iconic Swedish tennis player Bjorn Borg's hairdo!!! The stupid head band pushed my hair up a lot more than I wanted it to and I didn't see it until the photos had been taken so I thought, oh well, it doesn't matter as it's the outfit I'm keen to show you.

This is such a great autumn outfit for me. It's been a very mild autumn and I haven't even found any of my winter coats as I know I would be melting in them. This gilet is stylish and cute. And also adds warmth to the outfit by it's soft and plushy lining. I used to have a coat in a similar design when I was a kind so it throw back memories to the 70s for me. I also want to mention the tights I'm wearing in this post. They are the black 200 denier tights and they are not bad at all. I hate tights normally, so I'm always constantly looking for good tights that doesn't cost a fortune and these are pretty good. They are thick and warm and I can stretch the above my tummy which always is a plus in my books. After wearing them a while they do ride down a bit, but not so much that you start fearing they will end up at your ankles. Another downside to them is that for me the legs are way too long. So if you're taller than me looking for good tights these are a good option. They only cost £5.99 so they are a cheap alternative to my favourite tights brand Big Tights Company.

 Love my owl necklace that my friend Heidi gave me for Christmas last year. 

 The skirt is a gem I found from New Look which I can see myself be wearing a lot cause it will go with so many things. I love the a-line shape of it and the buttons down the front gives it that retro feel. Simple, but stylish oversized t-shirt from Asos and animal print shoes finishes the look in a nice way, but adding a bit of pattern to the outfit. The shoes are from Barratts, but I bought them from eBay for 99p last year sometime!!!

 Gilet from Boohoo(HERE)* on sale for £16!!! 
T-shirt from Asos(old)
Skirt from New Look(HERE)
Tights from New Look (HERE)
Shoes from Barratts(old)
Headband from New Look (old)
Handbag from Yours (old)

Have you started wearing winter coats, boots and scarves yet, or are you still feeling just right in lighter clothes?


  1. I love that Gilet! It's not a colour or style I would normally go for Ias it doesn't suit me) but theres something about it I'm pulled towards! I might have to give it a go.. especially as it's on sale! :) It looks amazing on you! I love your whole outfit!

  2. I love the modern twist on 1970s and 1960s styling atm. I have jumped in whole heartedly. This outfit is right up my alley although I am going into summer. I never knew the sleeveless coat/vest was called a Gilet!