I Had Some Wingz On The Beach

A few weeks ago I was asked by the lovely Sarah from Wingz Fashion if I wanted to review some of their ingenious sleeves.

I have read about them before and seen how they can transform an outfit and they are also a great way to get a bit more coverage with a sleeveless dress without having to use a cardigan.

I wore mine when Mike and I went down to Hayling Island and it was so windy that I could almost have taken off wearing this Wingz :) But it just shows the flowy nature of these beautiful red chiffon flare sleeves*.

I wore them with my new suede dress from New Look and I think the blue and red are so pretty together. It's one of my favourite colour combinations.

The sleeves comes in 3 different sizes. I'm wearing a size 2 which is the same as UK size 18-22. It's a perfect fit for me.

In one of my photos the sleeves has slid down a little bit so it's showing off some skin in between the shoulder and the arm. This can easily be prevented by adding a safely pin to keep the sleeves in place. Normally this is nota problem as these sleeves are elasticated around the shoulders.

On the way home from Hayling Island we stopped at a view point and Mike took a few more photos of me so you can see the Wingz better as it was less windy and also see my entire outfit to see how I have built this outfit.

Dress: New Look(Sold out)
Sleeves: Wingz(HERE)*
Leggings: Sainsburys
Boots: New Look(Old)
Necklace: Charity shop

I love this outfit. It's very casual, but these sleeves you can easily use for a more formal occassion since they are so beautifully delicate. I also love the difference in texture of fabrics as the heavy suede gives a good contrast to the silky chiffon. 

Have you ever tried Wingz? Or would you like to try them? 


*I was gifted this product, but all views are my own.


  1. You're looking so fab! Totally have me wishing I'd picked up that dress from New Look. I'm GUTTED that the necklace was a charity shop find! I need to find one similar bc it's lovely <3 xx

  2. I adore this outfit on you <3 The blue and red look so lovely together. I tried Wingz several years ago but didn't get on with them as the part that sits on your body cut into my boobs really badly and made them look lumpy, which was not a good look. Glad they've worked for you though xxx

  3. I keep saying I need to buy some of these & then I forget. Definitely going to order some low. Love the colour combo & your location.


  4. Love the colour!

    C xx