Hello everyone.

Leah and I have just started a new blogging challenge and community for women and MEN (I forgot to mention this in the video under) over the age of 40. If you are over 40 and think that there are too few representatives of our age group in the blogging world then please read on for how to join.

As I talked about in my video, why should we conform to what society expect? Why not show more of ourselves? Since turning 40 I have actually had to "excuse" why I have got some piercings and also why I bought a pair of leather trousers. I didn't know there was an upper age limit to get a piercing. Or leather trousers are just for younger people? No! The blogging scene also seems to be dominated by young women and I've been asked more than once if I'm not too old to blog? That is something that never even occurred in my mind. Why would I be too old? I love writing and I enjoy blogging so why shouldn't I? If someone likes what I write that makes it even more fun. And this is some of the reason why we started this as we want to show that being confidence is more important than what age you are. I know it's just a cliché, but age is just a number!

Who it's for:
Everyone aged over 40 who's plus size. Yes, including men. Where ever you are in the world, make yourself known.

(If your 40th birthday is coming up within the next 6 months or so, shoot us an email and you'll go on our reserve list - or just yell 'Let me in!' when it's your 40th birthday).

We plan:
  • A monthly fashion challenge on the 2nd Friday of every month where plus size bloggers who are over 40 do a themed outfit post. (Participants can contribute ideas to these posts).
  • To share a selection of your posts on our social media when you use the #plus40fabulous hashtag.
  • To take guest posts from non bloggers who are plus size and over 40, which will be posted alternately on my blog and Leah's.

Get involved

If you want to join in with the fashion posts, email us at plus40fabulous@gmail.com. We need to keep all correspondence there so it's easier to organise.

Use the hashtags on your social media posts if you're 40+ and plus size (not just fashion posts).

You can find us here: 

And again, don't be shy to use the #plus40fabulous as we are going to show the world that plus size over 40 is still fashionable, fierce and fabulous. 

Here is the link to Leah's post about this community. 



  1. What a fab idea ladies! Can't wait to see everyone's posts x

  2. Yas! This is such a brilliant idea. Who says there's an age limit on looking and feeling great? I'm not part of your target market, but I still love the idea of you ladies banding together in an awesome 40+ community! xx

  3. I couldn't have a better person by my side to do this with! Yaaaaay. :) xxx