Sunshine In The Sunshine And A Little Rant About Sizing.

When I went to Mexico last month I hadn't bought too many new clothes as I knew I was going to spend most of my time in swimsuits and bikinis. And I was right. The only times I wore something else was when Mike and I went to one of the a la carte restaurants at the resort we stayed in.

One of the dresses I had brought with me was this beautiful yellow  tea dress from New Look. I have a yellow addiction at the moment and this dress with black/grey/white floral pattern let the yellow colour shine on its own.

Excuse the pregnant poofy look, it was a bit windy so this is the extra rotund look :D

The dress has a great length as it reaches me to just above my knee and I like the little details with the ruched sleeves. I really like the v-neck and the dress is a great shape for me as it flatters me. The short sleeves makes the dress very cute for a dinner out whilst on holiday. And when you come back to cold England you can team it with a cute cardi for a lovely date night look.

 Dress New Look (HERE)
Handbag New Look (Old)
Sandals Simply Be (Old)
Bangles, Evans (Old)

However, there are a couple of things I can't understand with New Look Inspire range is that so much of what they make is made in this horrible polyester fabric that after one wash get so static that to wear it you must wear leggings or tights to avoid it from being glued to the back of your thighs. It must be possible to make these dresses in other fabrics as I love the style and the fit.

Another thing is the sizing!!! And to be fair, it is not just New Look that has sizing that is off at the moment. Simply Be, Evans, Scarlett and Jo, Lady V London and Lindy Bop are among the brands I'm struggling with when it comes to size. I'm not a size 28, but in this dress I had to go up to size 28 to fit into it. Normally I wear a size 24 so why is it so difficult to get sizing right? It's almost like companies are making the dresses smaller to get us fatties to lose weight, like a moral de-booster to make us think we are bigger than we are!

I know that my chest measurement is bigger than average, but it must be possible to get dresses to fit us bigger busted women too. I can't be the only one with this problem!!!! What we need is a Pepperberry kind of brand that makes clothes for bigger busts and bigger sizes. I know that I'm asking for a lot, it's just frustration that get the better of me. I am just very tired of having to always compromise.

Do you struggle with finding clothes that fit you nicely?


  1. That dress is gorgeous! I love yellow yet have none in my wardrobe for some reason.

    I feel your pain with sizing. I always have to size up in Inspire stuff so I'm used to it with New Look but even Yours has been very hit and miss lately. They use the same thin static fabric in some of their new dresses and I tried one on the other day AND GOT STUCK IN IT. Couldn't get it back over my boobs. Madness.

  2. This is especially annoying when they insist on closing highstreet stores, if the brand even has any local to begin with, and you have to make a wild guess about what size to buy!

  3. You look so cute in this dress Mookie! I know I've said it before, but yellow is an amazing colour on you! :) I feel your pain when it comes to sizing; it's a problem with many plus size ranges available in Finland. For example in Lindex and H&M, the sizing in jeans is ridiculous. I'm a size 46/48 (so 18/20 in UK terms) and I can't get the jeans these brands sell to go over my hips if I try them in my "actual" size! I have to try size 50, sometimes 52, and then the jeans fit my hips but are too big on the waist. Yet the tops and skirts in size 46/48 fit me just fine. Sigh. Sorry for the mini rant! ;) xx

  4. This is such a pet hate of mine! Hate wearing petticoats underneath to help it. And yes, everyones sizing seems off at the moment! I Am ranging from a 22 to a 28!!
    Either way, you look gorgeous!!! Xxx

  5. I love this dress, you look fab. I hate sizing in clothes. I never know what size to buy online really so I always size up just in case. Spending my time queuing in the post office to return things is not my thing! xx