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It's been a while since I had this post on my blog, but it is so much fun doing them, so I'm going to do them more often. :) The positive side about it's becoming more and more plus size bloggers is that there is no lack of people to interview.

This time I have interviewed one of my favourite bloggers. One of the bloggers I used to read before I was a blogger. She has a great style and I envy her the undeniable eye for details she has. The lovely and beautiful Becky Barnes. :) 

NameBecky Barnes

I live inGrimsby, Lincolnshire
Age - 35
Height- 5’7"
Size- 22/24

So Becky, you’re from Grimsby? Is there many other bloggers in your area? I only know of one other girl who tends to blog about local events and lifestyle stuff. It can get a bit lonely (blogger-wise) stuck out on the east coast! It’s not too bad though, I’m only about 3 hours from London and 3 hours from Manchester. 

How long have you been blogging? 4 years now!

How did you get into blogging? After I had my little girl I went to back to work but it just wasn’t working with child care an stuff, so I was a stay at home mum. My husband was working long hours as a chef and I found myself alone in the evenings so I started using social media a lot more, and I somehow stumbled across the plus size blogging community and back then it really was a small, tight knit community. I was so inspired by people like Lauren from Pocket Rocket, Claire from Monkey Fatshionista and especially by Rosie from A Rose Like This, she was like 17 at the time and so confident and stylish. I love her like the little sister I never had! So I decided to start my own blog, once I started posting outfits there was no going back, I fell in love with it, I still love sharing my fashion finds and styling tips to this day and all the wonderful emails and messages I get from readers makes it so worthwhile.

How much time do you spend on blogging? - I think when you add it all up, styling an outfit, taking the pictures, writing the post and then all the social media, emails etc, it is probably a good 10-15 hours a week. Which doesn’t sound much but fitting it round my work and family can be tough.

Where would you like to take your blog? - I think the ultimate dream would be a collaboration with a brand where I design a couple of pieces. I’m not sure that will happen but never say never. As it stands though, my blog has opened many doors I never could have dreamt of, so I feel very blessed! 

How would you describe your style? - Laid back chic, eclectic, comfortable. 

Who or what is your fashion inspiration? - It has to be Fearne Cotton, I find myself saying this in interviews a lot, so sorry if I bore people with this answer! Haha! I just love her eclectic mix of high street and vintage. She’s a little bit grungy in the day yet Hollywood glam meets rockstar of an evening! 

How is your wardrobe? - FULL! haha! But glorious. It’s one of my favourite places. I could stand and stare at clothes for hours, I like to put outfits together and I out a lot of thought into what I’m going to wear. 

What are you like? The bargain hunter or are you quality over quantity? - A bit of both if I’m honest. As I’ve got older, I’ve tried to start investing in more quality items, especially when it comes to handbags and shoes. I still can’t resist a bargain though! 

Do you blog about anything else than fashion? - I do. Fashion is my main focus, but I blog about travel, food, health and lifestyle stuff. I also do a good line in rants, or should I say ‘opinion’ pieces haha! 

What is a must have item for the summer? - Anything longline! I love the split side tunics, sleeveless jackets and maxi cardi’s that are about at the moment.

Favourite online and high street shop? Online has to be ASOS Curve. They just seem to get it right every time. Clarks is my go to high street shop, I love their footwear. Great quality. 

Tell me about your best bargain - I picked up a leather Osprey handbag from TK Maxx that originally retailed at around £250 for £18. That was pretty good 
Thank you Becky for taking part in my interviews. I loved reading your answers!! 

If you like my interviews, please watch this space as another interview will be published soon. 


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