Plus Size Style On A Budget- #1

A few weeks ago Lisa from Diary Of A Size 22 and I decided to do a challenge together where the aim was to find some really good plus size style bargains for less than £20. Both of us are bargain hunters and who doesn't like saving money, but still look stylish?

Lisa and I met up last weekend for a fun filled day of shopping, going out for lunch and having the photos taken. It was a fun day and Lisa is such a great person to be around. Easy going and we are having a right laugh together. We have become very good friends over the last few months so it's always so much fun when we meet up.

When I started thinking about what to buy for this challenge, I wanted to do something summery and I wanted to do two looks if possible with accessories and shoes. I love getting most possible for my money so I was so happy when I managed to find a tunic top, shoes, skirt and accessories for less than £20!!!

Here is what I spent my money on.

Look 1

I love this look if I can say it myself. I am all about the stripes right now. I love all kind of stripes so this tunic from George at Asda was perfect. Love the navy blue against my blonde hair too. I decided to keep it simple and summery with bare legs and a flower crown in my hair. The weather at the weekend, wasn't the nicest, but this outfit would be perfect on a nice sunny day. My handbag is from George as well and my shoes are from TU at Sainsburys. 

Here we are, Lisa and I. 

I loved Lisa's choices as well. She had bought this lovely dress from Primark with lovely details. And a stunning light blue/lilac coloured coat from Matalan. Go over to her blog and see her post too. You can find her blog HERE. 

Look 2

Booty!!! :) 

For my second look I went with the tunic as a top and this amazing skirt I found when I went up to Oxford to meet some of the bloggers a couple of weeks back. It was a bargain at only £3. In hindsight should've done something to the top as the skirt is see through, but you get the general idea what I try to do here and I don't think it look half bad. Also wearing some lovely vintage earrings I found in a charity shop for £1!!! 

Breakdown of items. 

Tunic from George £8 (but had a discount code so got 20%off, so £6.40)
Skirt from Primark £3 (on sale)
Shoes from TU at Sainsburys £4.20 (on sale)
Handbag from George at Asda £3 (on sale)
Bracelet from charity shop £0.50
Earrings from charity shop £1
Flower Crown from Primark £1

Total= £19.10

Not bad for less than £20? I think you can definitely be on a budget and still look nice and stylish with a bit of patience to look and creative ideas to use things differently. 

Lisa and I are thinking of doing this challenge every other month and if anyone want to take part in it, please send me an email or comment and I will sort it out. 

Do you like a good bargain hunt?


  1. I love me some stripes. Very cute.

  2. The dress looks fab on you !

  3. Really love that striped tunic ... you look amazing!

    C xx

    1. Thanks x xIt was a great bargain too!

  4. I've been a BAD blogger and I'm only catching up now with a fortnight of reading all my fave blogs and strangely enough I've been working on a similar topic to this but based around ebay!
    I don't think I'll be doing a full outfit every other month like you guys though because if I buy that many shoes hubby would go mad haha xxx

    1. It's never too late to catch up! I hope your topic goes well ☺x