A Day Out In The Ancient And Beautiful Lewes With Leah and James

A few weeks back Mike and I went to Lewes to meet up with Leah and James since it had been a while since last time we met up. It's always such a treat to meet up with them as we have such a laugh when we are out and about together.
This time we had decided to meet on neutral ground in Lewes a place where neither of us had been before.

It was a beautiful spring day, but still quite cold, but we had a great time. Leah and James are so fun to be around and Leah and I we laugh a lot so it's like an injection of happy pills being with them. :)

Can't remember what Leah said here, but it was something funny. :) 

We are trying to blend in ;)

From lovely Southover Grange Gardens.


Leah and I took some outfit photos in this beautiful garden, called Southover Grange Garden which is a beautiful spot to go for a picnic or have a relaxing time with friends. Plenty of benches and a cafe as well. Lovely architecture and a very picturesque little stream that are passing through the park makes this a perfect little place to vind down.

Lewes Castle

Next time I go to Lewes I have to visit Lewes Castle as I love castles. It looked really nice.

Lewes has so many lovely building and some stunning views out over the South downs. It's a very hilly place with lots of lovely little alley ways and if you look up on the buildings you can see a lot of interesting historic decorations, gargoyles and so on. It's like walking back in time and taking a look back into history.

Leah and I had so much fun laughing of our rude thoughts and comments on this shop!! :D

And my rude thoughts continued as I thought this angels sword was a penis :P

Between the photo shoots and the shopping we had a lovely lunch in this pub. Brewers Arms. All of us had lovely food, so if you are in Lewes I can highly recommend this pub. Very reasonably priced as well. 

A very old bookshop called The Fifteenth Century Bookshop is one of the most remarkable places I've seen. They have book cages outdoors and the building is as the name say, from the 15th century. It specialises in childrens books and is worth a visit.

Look up and you will see lots of nice surprises. 

I having a rest on some very comfy pillows. 

Sending our readers lots of love. 

Love these three so much <3

Coat from George (sold out, but I'm selling mine if anyone wants it. Size 24 £10)
Jumper from George (old)
Trousers from H&M (HERE) ON SALE £17!!!!
Boots from New Look (old)

Leah think I'm so yummy that she wants a bite of me ;)

Aww so much love :)
 We were wearing out matching yellow duster coats from George and Leah and Mike were saying that we looked like some holiday camp rep from the 70s in our matching coats :) I'm also wearing these lovely leather trousers from H&M that I found for a bargain price in the sales. I'm sure you will see them more later in the autumn as I can't even imagine the quantity of sweat they would create if I was wearing them now ;)

After we had taken outfit photos we were just relaxing a bit, having a chat, and this grumpy git came past. He had a camera with him and was clearly waiting for us to move so he could take photos. We were packing our stuff, but when I kind of sat back on the bench to relax a bit more, he looked angrily at me and rolled his eyes while sighing very loudly. I asked him if we were in his way and he didn't even answer me. We finished packing up our stuff and left, but we regret not just sitting back to annoy him as it is a public space!!  We just laughed of him, but it is so annoying when idiots try to make your day bad just by having a bad attitude.

So pretty!! :)

Silly faces :)

Awww love this girl so much!

I reviewed this amazing skirt/dress in my post HERE, so if you want to find out more about it, take a look. 

I had such a nice time with Leah, James and Mike and looking back on it now makes me smile from ear to ear. Good memories created with good friends are priceless.


  1. Love you, woman! :D It was such a lovely day and I look forward to more fun times on your birthday weekend. :) xxx

    1. Love you too babe! 😀😀 Yes, it was so much fun! Can't wait to see you too, so glad you can make it now xxx

  2. Lewes looks like a lovely place to visit, I've never been before but will have to add it to my list of places to visit. I'm loving all of your photos, your outfits both look great, especially the yellow coats. Beautiful xxx

    1. Thank you Laura ☺ Yes it is such a lovely place, it was even lovelier than I thought it would be! Glad you like the photos, I'm very lucky to have Mike to take most of them xx

  3. I never been to Lewes, it looks very nice. I will put that on my travel list. R

    1. You won't regret it! I don't work for the Lewes tourist board, honest! Lol xx

  4. Great style and amazing setting!

  5. Looks like a fun day! You guys are so cute in your matching coats! ;) xx

    1. Thanks Hanna. It was very fun! We always have such a laugh! 😂

  6. This look such a beautiful place - and like you guys had an amazing time!

    C xx