Elila Usa Lingerie Review- Larger Lingerie For Fuller Busts.

One day a few weeks ago I received a mail from the lovely Lolly Likes Fatshion and she asked me if I wanted to review some bras from an American company called Elila. They have some really nice lingerie in big sizes. Both big cups and bands, which can be difficult to come by. And that there is a market for these kind of bras are no doubt about. I have quite a few friends with bigger busts that also need bigger backs. They have bras in sizes from 32-54 band sizes and cups from B-N cup.

UPDATE: These sizes are American sizes so please take a look at the great advice from the lovely Curvy Wordy in my comments!!

Laura sent me these bras as they were too big for her so she thought they would be a better fit for me. My first impression when I saw them was that they were of great quality. Great crafted and solid. They are made in sturdy but great to wear fabrics, and also with padding along the seams for comfort. 

This one is the first one I tried on. It's the Leopard Lace Full Cup Soft Bra. This bra is beautiful and the colour is called mocha. It's more of a gold colour than mocha, but really lovely. The animal print makes this bra stand out and it feels luxurious and sexy.

The bra itself is way too small in the cup for me. It's a size 48I(UK size 48G) and the cup is too small while the band is too big. I didn't pick the sizes since they were sent for Lolly. But even if this bra is too small for me, I can only say great words about the quality. What I saw first and got very excited about was that this bra has got not less than 4 rows at the back which gives it great comfort and support around your back. It can be painful if you have back rolls if the band is narrower, but as you can see in the photos these bras are all wide which adds comfort automatically. This bra is without an underwire which is something I would never normally chose myself.  The cup is a 3 piece cup and the cup has a sown in band around the cup that give you more support and also comfort. For my heavy boobs I think that a bra without wire is a no as it doesn't give me the kind of lift I wish for in a bra. On the other side this bra is extremely comfortable so it would be a perfect comfy bra.

Excuse my very sunkissed face, photos were taken while on holiday in Mexico. :) 

The cup on this bra is a  small for me, but the cup gives a nice shape. 

I love it that the bras has a wide band as it makes it easier to stay in place and also makes it much more comfortable.

Padded band around the cup to give it more support and comfort.

The next one is the beautiful Stretch Lace Full Coverage Underwire*. Isn't it pretty? I fell in love with this bra and I was hoping it would fit me properly. As you can see it is also too small. It's size 46J and I couldn't wear this bra out and about as it wouldn't be very nice under clothes. But since it was so comfortable on that I was walking around with it on in my hotel room in Mexico for hours when I had injured my knee and it felt lovely. So soft and again the padded band under the cup added extra support and comfort. Similar kind of bra to the above one, but this bra has got an underwire. And it gives a bit better lift than the bra without wire. I have very heavy boobs, so wires are the best option for giving my body definition and also for giving me a waist as without a lift my entire upper body would look like boobs only. The stretch lace is gorgeous and feels really soft on your skin. Not itchy and scratchy like some lace can be. Very delicate, yet sturdy and solid fabric. This bra has also got the lovely 4 row band at the back which is such a plus. As you can see by the photos this bra is far too big in the band as well, so unfortunately not the right size for me.

Doesn't look too bad eh? 

Bulging boobs. 

The back band is too big for me at 46, I could probably had enough with 40 or 42. 

The last bra is Leopard Lace Underwire and is the same fabric as the first bra and the same style as the red bra. It's again too small and this bra doesn't offer any stretch as the red one did, so this one feels a lot smaller than the red one despite being the same size. 46J(UK size 46GG). It's yet again a lovely crafted bra with the same comfort and excellent features as the other two. Just such a shame that neither one of these bras fitted properly. This bra did offer my boobs a bit more room than the red one, so it looked better on. But it felt restricted in the front.

Again the band is too big. 

My verdict of this brand is that it is definitely a brand I will be ordering from because of the quality of the lingerie. Absolutely designed with the bigger boobs in mind and I will try to get a better fit for me. 

If you, like me, haven't heard of Elila Lingerie before, go to their website and take a look at their beautiful handcrafted bras and I'm sure you will find something there you like. 

If any of you are a size 46J(UK size 46GG) or 48I(UK size 48G) please let me know and I can send you a bra. I got these from Lolly, so I'm not taking anything for them. I'll even treat you to the postage for them. Cause these bras are too nice to be just laying around, so if anyone out there could use them, please let me know. 


*items were gifted me, but all views are my own.


  1. Such pretty bras, but what a shame they're all such a bad fit. However, it's not surprising as an American I cup translates to a UK G cup, and a US J is a UK GG. Put simply, the US bra sizing system missed out all double-lettered cups except for DD, and they don't have an E cup but DDD instead. If you're not sure about sizing, have a look at my blog post about it here http://www.curvywordy.com/p/the-prospect-of-bra-fitting-can-fill_21.html, where there are lots of useful links.I know you're probably already well aware of these things, Mookie, but thought it was worth adding a comment in case your readers were wondering about US/UK sizes. Your review is great and your photos show the fit issues really well. Thanks for taking the time to share all this! x

    1. Thank you lovely lady for your great comment. I'm very appreciative over your input as you are the bra guru of the blogging world together with George. :) I knew about American sizes, but not this much and I didn't even think about it when I wrote it. Thanks for the kind words and advice. I wish I could give you a hug as a thank you. :) xxx

    2. Dear Curvy Wordy,

      Apologies it has taken so long to take a moment to address this post. In fact, US sizing is different than UK. Absolutely. Elila creates classically designed lingerie (think Alexander Mcqueen/Marilyn Monroe) so we're using the same measurement system that has been in practice for ages. On our new website, we have provided a fitting guide for our bras (and our bra fit video will be launching soon!) http://www.elilausa.com/fitting-guide/ which will be a good jumping off point to find the right fitting garment. We had Lolly give us all her raw measurements and still had to send her a second set of samples :) Fitting, as we all know, is such a personal endeavour. Would love to get you hooked on Elila as well. Feel free to find us on Twitter and PM usfor details!

  2. If find it so hard to fit and that are strong and nice

  3. waaaauuuuuuuuuu *_*

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