Oh So Lush! (Very Photo Heavy Post)

A few weeks ago I was kindly invited to a bloggers event at Lush in Bluewater. My lovely blogger friend Katt had giving us bloggers a tip that it was happening so thanks to Katt I managed to get one of the spaces on the guest list. My friend Heidi who also is a blogger was of the lucky ones to be invited so on Sunday morning we sat off and drove to Kent. It’s about an hours drive along the M25 and thankfully at that time in the morning it is hardly any traffic so the travel went smooth.

Sophie, Katt and Abi

My lovely friend Heidi. I love her trousers!! 

We arrived there and I parked where my friend Abi had told us to park. She works at Bluewater and neither one of me or Heidi had been there before. We didn’t seem to find an entrance that was open as this was be
fore ordinary opening hours. I had to call Abi and she came and got us after a bit of a mix up about where we were. I was so glad that she came and got us as we did not know where to go and Bluewater is so huge.

When we came to Lush we had to give our name and a password that we had been sent of the lovely Steph. We got stamped and let in. Inside it was lovely drinks and fruit for us to indulge on. The juice was so tasty as it was not just normal orange juice, it was blended with a little bit of aloe vera which was really nice and refreshing.

I was so excited to meet Katt and Sophie as I had never met them before. I had spoken to both a lot online so it was so lovely to meet up with them both.

At Lush we met the lovely staff and all five of them were super cute and so lovely. Really friendly and so knowledgeable. They could really sell their products as the information they gave us was very impressive. So a big thumbs up from me to the staff!!!!

I was also so impressed by the colourful products and even if a lot of products were presented on big plates and displays in the room it didn’t give that sickly smell that you can get in many places that sell products with scents. That just made me think that it was due to the natural content.

It was nine of us which was divided into two groups.
I was in group with Abi, Katt, Sophie and another girl that I can’t remember the name of.

Steph applying their new sun care range on me.

We were first shown Lush’ new sun care range. First two of the staff showed us how to use the products on themselves and then we got to try it on ourselves. I first tried a sun blocker that you are supposed to put on in the shower or still when the skin is moist. It contains a SPF of 30, so it is a great cover for most people. Me with my pale Nordic skin would like a bit more. Sun factor so until my skin get a little bit used to the sun I would use a 50 and then go on to try these products. You can read all about the new sun care range Lush has just recently introduced HERE. 
I really liked the sunblock range they have. I was especially impressed by the sunpowder that has got a SPF of 15. Would be great on my face instead of feeling sticky while out and about. I don’t mind the sticky feeling when I’m on the beach, but if I’m out and about sightseeing it feels so horrible so a powder is a great idea.

While we had been looking at and tried the sun range the other group had been making bath bombs which looked so much fun. And now it was our turn to make the bombs which looked so exciting.

The photos shows it better what we did so here we go.

The white stuff was some sort of sour powder that we could taste. I love sour stuff so I wanted the whole bowl!! Gready!! :)

The lovely staff at Lush helped us all to take photos so a big thank you to them for doing that! It’s so lovely to have photos of what we did to show you all.

Before we left we were also told about their perfume range and was offered to chose between Karma and Vanillary, I chose Karma as it reminded me of a smell from my childhood. Nostalgia!! We got the perfume as a balm in these cute little boxes that are super handy to carry around in your handbag.

The content of our goodie bag. Look at the little handy perfume and you can also see the bathbomb we made ourselves. 
We all received a plentyful goodie bag with lots of goodies. Just take a look at all we got. 

After all this we couldn't go before we had taken group photos and other fun photos. 

 I had such an amazing experience at Lush in Bluewater. Not only are the products guilt and animal cruelty free, they are also 100% vegetarian. As a vegetarian food wise I try to become more and more conscious about vegetarian make up as well and then Lush is a great place to start. 

Thank you to everyone at Lush and I can't wait to come see you again. 


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