After Summer Comes The Cosy Season*

Since summer is almost over it is time to look ahead to the colder months. I know that a lot of you might say "Oh no!" and dream about a sunny beach or a cocktail in the pool bar somewhere hot. But personally there is something about the crisp cold air and sunny autumn mornings that makes me happy. I love going for walks in the countryside on a morning like that.

I also love sitting all curled up on my sofa with a cup of hot chocolate and a magazine. I hate being too warm in the summer, so I love being naked or wear very little clothes in summer, while in autumn and winter I hate being cold so I need some lovely warm and comfortable clothes to wear.

Fashion World has some fantastic lounge wear from Liz McClarnon range on offer right now. I was offered to try some and I jumped on it straight away as I love the look of it. The colours are as soft as the fabrics.

I chose the lovely Pink and grey hooded dance top and the soft and stretchy Dance pant. I went for size 24 in the top and size 22 in the trousers and that is a great fit for me.The hoodie I've worn over and over again as I love it. It's warm, it's soft and fluffy on the inside and I love the colours. Pink and grey works so well together and this jumper is so pretty and very girly. I love the kangaroo pocket on the front as well as it keeps my hands warm. The big hood can also be used as a snood around your neck, so it's a very versatile  It will be a go to jumper in the winter when I go to football or to put on after yoga training. Well worth the money as it is made of a great quality cotton/polyester blend.

When I first tried them on the trousers felt amazing. They have a cool contrasting animal print waistband that either can be worn stretched out if you want to pull the trousers right up under your boobs, or you can fold it down to use it more waist fitted.

It's amazingly stretchy, but without feeling baggy. The only negative thing about these trousers is that despite me chosing the shortest length is that they are slightly long so it wouldn't be practical if I chose to go for a walk. My legs aren't the longest though so I have had trouble with trousers before. But I will get them turned up so I can use them as they are so lovely.

The Liz McClarnon range contains other products as well, such as these lovely items.

If you need some new clothes for next time you go to the gym or if you just want some warm and cosy clothes for the cold season I would highly recommend this range.

Are you looking forward to the autumn? 


*this item is was gifted me, but all views are my own.

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