Plus Size Fashion At Gatwick

It's early Friday morning and I'm at Gatwick airport. On my way on holiday to sunny Cyprus.

We arrived with lots of time to spare do I decided to take a look around the ships to look for plus size fashion. But as I thought, lots of shops for skinny people, but none for us fatties. Would be easier finding an oasis in a desert than spotting anything remotely over size 16. I mean what if someone fat was so unlucky that they had an emergency, they wouldn't even manage to find a pair of panties or tights.

I think this it's really bad for the second biggest airport in the UK as I've spotted lots of people that are over a size 16.

I also spotted lots of great make up stores and I wish I had a magic bank account that never goes empty cause I saw lots of lipsticks I would love to have in my possession.

I'm about to board my plane now so have a great weekend everyone.

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