Loving Simply Be!

Simply Be was a brand I heard of not very long after I moved over here. I found so many clothes that I loved and I didn't have much money so I couldn't afford to buy much back then.
Since I'm working now I can afford to buy more from them to my great pleasure and I am so excited everytime I have made an order.

Today I will show off two of my favourite buys from Simply Be.

The fabulous Longline Wool Biker Style Coat and my lovely red animal print boots that I have already written about HERE.

The coat is on offer now for only £61.50 and it is well worth every penny. I bought it when it first came out, but it has been too warm to wear it until now. It's a bit colder now, so I'm looking forward to wearing it more in the rest of the winter.

I normally don't like coats, but this coat is light and feels less chunky and yet it is so warm. It's flattering and it looks stylish. I love the biker design with the PU trim collar and the zip that can be closed all the way up if it is windy. It feels and looks very luxurious and a lot of people have commented on how lovely it is.

This is a coat I can easily wear in the years to come. It's elegant, stylish and it goes with everything.

My outfit 
Coat: Simply Be 
Dress: Tkmaxx
Tights: Big Bloomers Company
Boots: Simply Be
Bag: Tesco

Leah's outfit
Coat: New Look
Dress: Asos
Leggings: Don't know
Bag: Everything 5 pounds
Hat,Scarf and Gloves: Don't know

My amazing dress is from Tkmaxx and it is a rare find for me. I never find anything at Tkmaxx, but I found this little gem a couple of years ago for £30 and I've worn it lots in the winter months. It is so warm, but yet so stylish. Love the way it is knitted and the sleeves are so pretty. Also the details around the neck is so cute. Very feminine dress and very me.

I love wearing my coat and my boots together. They are like match made in heaven. To brighten up the black coat the pop of red in the boots makes it more interesting.

Thank you Simply Be for making such wonderful clothes for us fatties. :)

What do you like best about Simply Be?


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