One One Three Fashion Show

Despite being interested in fashion my entire life I had never been to a fashion show before Monday.
I had been invited by the lovely people at One One Three and I was so excited. I had to take a couple of hours off at work as I had to come from Guildford for the night. My lovely husband drove me up and it took us 2.5 painful hours. I was supposed to meet up with the lovely blogger babes before the event, but came to the pub literally as they were about to go. I gave them all a hug and said Hello and off we went to the venue. 

Outside the venue we were met by more bloggers which was fun. I had met some of them before, and there were some I had been dying to meet for quite some time. We had to wait for a while before we were let in, but in the mean time everyone just stood around and gossiped and shared fashion advice.

Well in in the venue we sat down and waited for it to begin. It started coming a lot of people and before we knew it the venue was quite full. We used the opportunity to take photos of each other and we tried to chat, but everyone was in a disco mood because of the loud music so we couldn’t really hear anything, we just hugged and smiled instead! 

Michaela and Sally

Sally, me, Mayah and Felicity Hayward in the stripey dress. She looked gorgous.

Mayah and me

The show started and it was so much fun.

It was a lot of great attitude on the beautiful plus sized models faces and the clothes were very curve hugging and edgy. This brand is not the place to go for sugar sweet dresses and preppy look. This collection oozed of grunge, rock, punk, street style and alternative fashion, yet still bang on trend. White dresses, leather, tartan and studs it was an eclectic mix which appealed to me a lot and I can't wait till it I can shop some of these looks as it made me very inspired.

My favourite item of the whole collection was this kick ass leather jacket with spikes. I have always wanted a jacket like this. I loved how it was paired with the tartan print as well. 

The designers themselves. Thank you so much for inviting me.

The show was over so quickly which was a bit of a shame as I thought it would be longer, but it was so much fun to take part and it was so funny that the gorgeous plus size model Felicity Hayward was sitting right in front of me. 

After the fashion show some of us bloggers went out to a pub and that was a blast! I laughed so much that the next day my abs were hurting!!! I'll let the photos tell the story from the end of a fantastic fun evening. 

Mayah, me and Sally

Mayah, Michaela and Sally

The gorgous Sam and me

Me and my wifey we are so extremely sexy. :)

Debz, me, Sam and Michaela

Debz, Lucia, me, Sam, Michaela and Gemma

Debz, Sam, Michaela and Mayah

Gemma, Lucua, me endulging in boobies(you loved it didn't you Mayah?? ), Sam, Mayah, Michaela, Lamarra and Debz

And again.

Ooh!! :) We loved it wifey..

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