Double Vision- One dress, two ways #1

The idea behind this challenge was to wear the same type of dress and style it in two different ways to get some more inspiration to change the look of a dress. It probably has been done million times before, but Vicky from The Randomness Of Twee and I we decided to make this a monthly challenge. The last Sunday every month we will chose a style of dress and style it and post each others photos and hopefully inspire some to think a bit outside the box.

This month we are wearing the same dress. This beauty.

It's one of the bargain dresses from Yours Clothing that I managed to get for the lovely price of 99p!!
I was so surprised with this dress when it came cause it was a lot nicer in real life than I thought it would be. The fabric is thick and lovely and the embellishment is stunning. A statement dress that doesn't need much extra. Love this dress and I've worn it for work already and got lots of nice comments on it. The length is perfect on me. I'm 5'6 and it reaches me to just above the knee.

As this challenge is named Double Vision-One Dress, Two Ways here is how Vicky and I styled it for a going out styling and a more casual styling.

First Vicky's Casual Style.

Leggings from Tu at Sainsburys, 
Cardigan from Asda, 
Boots from Clarks

This works so well cause the dress can do all the talking as it is so dressed up.

Here is my casual look

 Hat from Primark
Jacket from New Look(old)
Tights from Evans (old)
Boots from Tesco (old)

Vicky's evening look is very minimalistic as the dress again does all the talking.

Tights from Monsoon
Earrings from Primark
Shoes from Marks and Spencer
Bag from Monsoon.

Vicky looks stunning in this dress and her hair looks amazing! She has such a lovely figure and this dress suits her pefectly. For the observant reader, you might notice that Vicky has removed the embellishment on the sleeves on her dress as she thought it was a bit too much. It's a great way to make a dress more useable for your personal style.

Here is how I dressed my dress for an evening look.

Fishnet stockings from Ann Summers
Shoes from Evans (HERE)

I didn't want to wear any accessoires as the dress is so well embellished.

How would you have dressed down a dress like this?


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