Wearing Short Dresses After 40?

Are you too old to wear short skirts or dresses when you're over 40? And on top of that are plus size? Of course not!!! If you want to wear a short skirt or dress then you should. I'm 42 this summer and I'm wearing short dresses, skirts and shorts all the time both in the summer and winter. 

I saw this cute animal print dress from Pink Clove in Asos' sale section and I have a weakness for shift dresses as I think they are so easy to wear as everyday dresses. And animal print is one of my favourite prints that I can use with so much else so I know that this dress can be worn on its own like I do here on a warm day or with tights and a denim jacket if it's a cooler day. 

I love the length of this dress. It comes to a few inches above my knee and is perfect on me. I think it's really flattering and shows off my legs. Cause I really like my legs so why shouldn't I show them off?

The fabric is good quality. Not too thin and for £10 I would say it's an amazing bargain. They still have most sizes left as well and I'm wearing size 26 here and it's a good fit. It's a lot of stretch in the dress so it's a really comfortable dress. I was wearing this dress when I was in Norfolk last weekend. Wore it out sightseeing in Cromer, walking along the beach, went to the pub for a drink and a snack and wore it when I came back to the campsite.
I like the sleeves as well which means I can use this dress a lot when the autumn and winter comes with layers. 

These amazing earrings are also from Asos and can be found here. I love these! They are very me!!!

Out for a snack and a drink. Sunglasses are from Zero UV and can be found HERE.

Sightseeing in Cromer.

Who says you have to compromise style when you go camping? ;) 

I've got cellulite above my knee and not "perfect" legs, but so what? I've got a massive double chin and I don't go around hiding that either, so why should I hide my legs? I think my legs are doing a great job carrying me around everywhere I go and take me doing everything I want to do. So when it's it too warm to wear trousers, leggings or tights why should we need to cover them up just because we have reached a certain age or because we are over a certain weight? Be comfortable, be practical and get your legs out as much as you like to as it's your body and your choice. :) 

Xxxx Mookie


  1. My Grandma is 80 & still loves an above the knee skirt suit. I take after her!

    You look fab, as always.

    C x

  2. You look great. Everyone should wear whatever they want!


  3. I love this dress and I love your new blog design too. I'm glad it worked out for you. ;) xx