Rejuvenating An Old Outfit Doesn't Have To Cost Much.

I've just had a big massive clear out of ALL my clothes and I was completely taken back by the amount of clothes I have got!! Already this year I've been trying to buy as little as possible as I've been consciously using clothes I already got in my wardrobe and stored away that I had forgotten about. And it's been so much fun. Cause I've found so many things that I'd forgotten about that I really loved wearing and didn't sell or got rid of for a reason. 

This outfit contains two items I had forgotten about. The bright yellow pleated skirt from H&M that I bought a few years ago that are so cute and so perfect for summer. And the cropped denim vest that I've made myself. 

The vest I made a couple of years ago when I saw something similar on a website and I didn't want to spend over £50 on buying a similar one. So I bought a second-hand denim jacket from eBay that I cut the sleeves off, cropped the length of the jacket to how long I wanted it. I then dabbed and poored bleach onto it randomly. Let that sit on the fabric for about half an hour, then I rinsed it out in the sink in water thoroughly before I washed it it the machine. This denim jacket cost me £2.30 on eBay. So bargain price!!!

I bought some lace from eBay for less than a pound and glued it on the places I wanted it. I had originally thought of doing the upper part of the back, but in the end, I found out that I preferred it with lace only at the front, but you can choose to design however you want. You can use studs, you can use leather, PVC and so on. Your imagination is the limit. I frayed a few more places to get the wanted effect.  It's really easy and can easily be done in a couple of hours. 

 I added some badges I already had to give the vest even a bit more of my own style. 

I also added a few heart-shaped eyelets that I also already had onto the lapels of the vest. 

Photo credits Lindsay.

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago when I was in Norfolk and met up with the lovely Lindsay and I loved wearing it. I had forgotten how much I loved wearing this skirt. And it's so comfy and the perfect summer skirt. I was wearing it with a body from New Look that also is old. Shoes from Simply Be are also old. 

It's great fun making something yourself with the inspiration of something you've seen online. This vest cost me less than £4 in total with all materials and it doesn't look bad either if I may say so myself. I've already been wearing it several times since finding it again and writing this post have made me eager to do more upcycling of old clothes I've already got laying around. 

Have you ever made something new out of something you already have? 

Xxxx Mookie 


  1. What a brilliant idea! Looks fab and way more expensive :-p xx

  2. I love this whole look! I've got a denim vest I've modified myself too, when it's a vest and you cut the sleeves off you can get away with a few sizes smaller too which put my too small jacket to good use!