My 40th Birthday In Pictures

It feels like yesterday that it was my 20th birthday, but instead it's my 40th this year. It's less than two months since I came home from a lovely pre-birthday holiday to Mexico, but when Mike said to me we could go wherever I wanted to for my birthday it was an easy choice. Berlin. I love Berlin. It's my favourite city and that is where I would love to celebrate my 40th birthday. Wednesday last week we travelled out there and I had an amazing time. Mike made it such a lovely day for me with everything I love to do from a 3.5 hour long river cruise in the sun with afternoon tea on board to swimming in a beautiful swimming pool with views over Berlin. It was truly amazing and I felt like a queen all day.

Instead of writing all about it I thought I would share some of the photos from the day with you instead as I think the photos tells more of a story than I could do.

40 is great!!! :) 

Modern architecture

Traditional Berlin architecture

The Berlin way of beach life 

My handsome husband who made the day so special <3

Yummy!!! Birthday waffles 

East Side Gallery 

Swimming with a view

Swimming makes my life happier 

Cake brought from England, balloons and my favourite drink in Germany, Fassbrause. 

I loved the relaxing and beautiful cruise around the rivers and canals of Berlin. So much lovely to look at whilst drinking lovely German Fassbrause and eating lovely food in the beautiful sunshine. I had to shield myself and my pale skin from being fried by sitting under an umbrella as my skin is extrememly fair. Even so I got back to the hotel a bit sunburnt, but I can only dread to think how I would have looked if I didn't have the umbrella. The lobster look is not quite in yet and not very healthy either ;)

Taking cover from the sun. 

I'm back home now with lots of lovely memories and a bad cold, but on Friday my daughter is coming over and in a couple of weeks time it's my big 40th birthday party and joint 18th birthday party with my daughter, so the fun has just started.



  1. You look fabulous, I'm so glad you had a good time! <3 xx

  2. I'm so glad you had a good day. :) I spot that F21 fatkini. I've bought another one since then. :) xx

  3. I am loving everything you are wearing in this post! Glad you had a wonderful time! :)

    Laura Likes Beauty xx

  4. Happy Birthday! Love the pics. Dress is awesome :). Thanks for sharing your special day with the world.

  5. You look amazing

  6. great pictures,hope you had great birthday xo

  7. That dress is amazing!!!! I hope you had a completely wonderful time and meet up soon!