A Plus Size Day At The Races With #Georgeousracewear From Asda

I was recently contacted of someone from George at Asda if I wanted to take part in a challenge where I had to create a whole outfit for a day at the races for £60. I love George at Asda clothing so I was really excited to take part.

I've been to the races only once before, but I know that it's allowed to be over the top. I just wanted to be elegant and classic so I had clean lines and structure in mind when I started looking.

I browsed through the occasion dresses they had in my sizes and unfortunately some of the ones I would have picked were sold out, so I had to chose something else. I found a lovely blue and floral printed dress that I chose to try. But unfortunately it didn't fit, so I sent that on to one of my blogger friends to have it and do a review in it instead as George didn't want me to send it back. I couldn't wear it so why not let someone else make use of it?

Instead I chose a stripe dress that came in bigger plus sizes. When I got it I was very surprised with the material and quality of it as this dress was made in a lovely thick material as oppose to a cheap jersey material like I had pictured it to be. That being said, I'm very rarely disappointed with the clothes I order from George as they are great quality and who doesn't like budget friendly fashion?

The dress is quite short so if you're not comfortable with showing this much legs and thighs it would be lovely with a pair of cropped leggings. I don't mind it being short so I would wear it like this as I think it is a good length on me. I'm still pushing myself out of my comfort zone, so by wearing short dresses I get more confident showing my legs.

I'm a stripe addict at the moment and this dress is no exception. I love it. I wish I had sized down from size 26 to a size 24 for a better fit, but I didn't want to take any risks since the other dress which also was a size 24 didn't fit, so it's annoying that there is no consistency in the sizing. When I wear this dress in the future I would wear it with a belt to add a bit definition to it.

I also picked out some accessories to go with the dress so I opted to keep in simple in monochrome with white handbag and black wedge shoes. I also picked a cardigan in case it would be a cooler day and this cardigan is such a steal buy at £10 cause the quality and feel to it is amazing. It's one of the nicest cardigans I've ever seen. It has a zip closure and edgy zip details to the side of the cardigan. I got this in size 24 which is perfect size on me. Soft medium knitted cardigan that I know I will be an essential layering piece in my wardrobe.

Dress from George (HERE) *
Cardigan from George (HERE)*
Shoes from George (HERE)*
Handbag from George (HERE)*
Necklace from Evans (Old)
Hair flower from a street market in Italy.

Details of the outfit with the lovely details on the cardigan, the lovely white mini bowler bag with black details. This bag is really lovely and just the right size for a day out at the races. You get room for your essentials, a little bit of make up, a program and also a place to put your cardigan away if it gets too hot to wear it.

My favourite part of this outfit was these shoes. Aren't they cute? And not only are they cute, they are so extremely comfortable to walk in. I am wary of heels due to my balance disorder, but these has a mini wedge heel that is perfect for me. They are cute, stylish and elegant and will go with everything. Another bargain buy at £14. I'm wearing size 6.5 and find them very true to size. I've got wide feet, but these are standard width, but they are wide enough for my tootsies.

I think George has got so many exciting clothes for a very nice price, so I tend to look there first for anything that I need. Sizing can be a bit hit and miss, which unfortunately seems to be the trouble with most retailers these days. I would say if you are top heavy like me, chose a size bigger if it is fitted and stay with your normal size if it's a bit of stretch.

Do you like George at Asda for clothing?



  1. This is such a cute outfit, and I love those shoes! I feel a trip to Asda happening this weekend!!!

  2. By the way.... I need that handbag in my life too! It's an amazing combination that really suits you

    1. Thanks my lovely. The shoes were amazing! Just so comfortable ☺ And the handbag was a nice accessory. Felt really good x x

  3. You beauty!

    C xx