I'm Rocketing In This Wonderful Dress

Last month I bought a dress from Just Me Leah's blog sale and it's a winner!!! I love this dress and it's the best spent money in a while. I love this dress so much and it fits me perfectly. I'm talking about the Galaxy print dress from Simply Be.

 This dress is like a dress orgasm!! The colours are stunning, the fit it perfect, the fabric is perfect for hot summer days, the unusual design in the skirt makes it that little bit more interesting and you can also show off some nicely pedicured toes or some cute shoes. The length of this dress was pefect to me(I'm 5'6).

 This dress is unfortunately not avaialble on Simply Be's website anymore, but I have seen it on eBay in the past, so if you're dying to get one, keep an eye on eBay or maybe some of the other bloggers has got it and will sell it in a blog sale.

 With so much going on in the dress itself I just kept it very simple with two silver bangles. 

Quite neutral make up as well, but had to have purple lips. 

I'm so happy I snapped this dress from Leah when she sold it as I've used it so many times already. I know that with my daughter and friends visiting from Norway in the weeks to come I will be bringing this dress out for several use as it's so comfy and looks nice too.  

I'm so happy even my photos are dancing with joy!! 

What is the best buy you've ever done at a blog sale?


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