Wardrobe Of Wonders From Zizzi Makes My Day Brighter

I think my outfit today is a good follow up to my last post which was about breaking fashion rules and among those rules how plus size women shouldn't wear bright colours. This rule is just ridiculous! Why shouldn't we be able to have fun and dress in bright and eye catching colours?

I love colours and I love playing with them. And the last year I have had a special favourite colour, yellow! When I was a little girl in Norway I always loved yellow and you wouldn't find a drawing of mine without any yellow in. A drawing for me always had to have red, yellow, green and blue to be complete! So yellow has always been an important colour to me.

When I saw this tunic from Zizzi online, I knew I had to have it as it would be such a go to item in my spring wardrobe. My friend Monica works for Zizzi in Norway so she bought it for me and sent it me, which was so nice cause I haven't seen this for sale in the UK and was the item from Zizzi's WOW collection. I have had it for a while, but I haven't posted this so it was about time.

It's a beautiful tunic isn't it? I have worn this so much since I got it. With leather leggings, with denim jacket and even as a top inside a skirt so it is a very versatile item. It's made in a medium thick fabric so it will be too warm in the summer, but as a spring item it is perfect! I'm wearing size XXL which is perfect size on me. 

Dress from Zizzi (Can't find it online in UK)
Leggings from Sainsburys
Shoes from Evans (HERE)
Ring from Zizzi (couldn't find online either)
Necklace from street market in Spain

I chose to wear it very minimalistic to let the top tell the story which I think it deserves as it is gorgeous with cute details like the zips at the front.

Do you like yellow? Have you tried it or does it scare you as it is so bright?



  1. I've wanted to order from Zizzi for sooo long and you've really inspired me to. Looking gorgeous as always lovely xxx

    1. Go for it!!! They have some really nice bits :) And thank you for your kind words, :) xx

  2. I need mpre yellow in my life! Love that colour on you sweet... so bright and cheerful. Gawjus! Xxxx

    1. Thanks my dear. :) I love yellow. It's such a summer colour so how can it not make me happy? :) xxx

  3. You look lovely, yellow is a great colour on you. :) xx

  4. I love this colour on you! You suit bold colours so well. How do the shoes fit? I have my eye on them but sometimes with wide fit shoes I can take a 6 instead of my usual 7. Are you wearing your usual size? xx

  5. This dress really suits you :) The bright colour stands you out really well x