I Feel Good.

I haven't done this challenge for months and months, but I all of a sudden saw Leah's post and it inspired me to do one cause I do like this challenge.

I feel really good when I'm out and about walking in the lovely countryside we have here in Surrey. I don't care if I only have my hair in a pony tail and no sign of make up apart from coloured eyebrows and lashes. I think a smile can be just as nice as a face full of make up as it makes everyone automatically more attractive. I embrace my make up free face and smile instead.

Very happy and without make up! :) 

Love <3

Lol, who needs make up? Stella loves me with or without <3

Stella!! <3

I love looking back on these photos as they represent some of the most happiest times of my life. When I go back to Norway and spend time with the people and animals that means the most for me. And most of all my daughter. It makes me smile just thinking about it now.

I love seing my natural smiling happy face that is captured. I know that in that moment that the photo was captured, there wasn't anything apart from joy and happiness in my mind and that makes me happy.

What do you do to make you happy?



  1. This is a lovely post. :) I've realized that I feel happiest in the countryside, which is a bit surprising because when I was a kid and we lived in the countryside, I couldn't wait to get out of there and move to a big city! But now I love visiting my parents there, and my fiancé and I are thinking about buying a bigger house in the country someday. I guess that's what happens with age - you want to go back to your roots somehow. :)

  2. Stella is so cute! I'm happiest in the countryside too. We hope to move somewhere a little more rural and get some animals. xx

  3. Great photos! I feel happiest when in the countryside too ... mostly when on a horse or out walking the dog!

    C xx