Mexico- Hot Hot Hot and Ouch.

Hello everyone.  Hope you all are doing good and haven't missed me too much. 

I've been away the last two weeks. On holiday. To Mexico.

While I was away, I made a post on my phone, but couldn't publish it as the internet we had was really bad, so I post it now instead.

I have had a lovely time while I was there.  It was extremely hot and temperatures have been around mid 30s throughout my stay.  To begin with I found it very challenging to cope with the heat and I was longing home to cooler temperatures.  The room was thankfully like a fridge so I loved  slouching on the bed cooling down.  But after a couple of days just being in the pool,room and Caribbean Sea cooling down, I started to like it.

 Mike and I started going out on adventures and went in to Playa Del Carmen to have a look around. We had planned to go to Tulum(Mayah ruins),cenote (sinkhole filled with freshwater)and Yal-Ku(A saltwater lagoon) the second week, cause the first week we wanted to concentrate on Playa Del Carmen and the trip to Isla Mujeres.

Playa del Carmen has a beautiful beach, but apart from that it's nothing much to see.  You have Quinta Avenida which is a mile long shopping street. The shop owners/workers are so annoying as they try to get you to come to their shops. And you have to haggle.  If not you will be fooled cause they start prices so high.

Isla Mujeres is amazing.  I will write an in depth post about this island as i fell in love.  The island is located right outside of Cancun so we travelled up there on our own. We are so glad we did cause it is a stunning island.  
While on the island i managed to fall and hurt myself.  I fell in some stairs and head down first.  Ouch.  The stairs were so dirty that I was black of dust from the road.  When I washed i had knocks and sores in my face, arms and most of all my knee.  I was in agony,but suffered through the day.  Upon our return to the hotel I got hold a wheel chair as I couldn't stand on my leg for a few days.  Not much fun and we had to postpone activities we had planned. 

I'm writing this from my phone and I find it very challenging to wrote a blog post from my phone, so more text to follow when I get back on Tuesday. The photos tell a lot more anyway so see you all when I'm home. 

X x x Mookie


  1. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear you fell and I hope you're feeling much much better soon!!!

    C xx

  2. I'm not sure if my first comment posted... So I'll repeat.
    I'm so jealous of you- Mexico looks so beautiful and sunny and cocktails and cheese laden food is right up my street.
    Hope your bruises didn't leave lasting damage.

  3. Your pictures are great but I'm so sorry to hear about your fall. It must be awful to get injured on holiday. Hope you're feeling heaps better now x