#WeAreTheThey- PSBlogger Challenge

As you might know last Wednesday this time of the night a lot of us bloggers, plus size tweeters, instagramers and so on used social media to say what we really thought of Jamelia's statement on tv the day before as you can read in my post HERE. We were so many taking part in this lovely campaign started by Debz so that we trended in second place for the UK last week and the next day it was all over media. HERE is a post from The Mirror where I was featured.

With this blogging challenge we wanted to try and do something similar as we did last week, so hopefully a lot of you (plus size or skinny as Jamelia slagged everyone over a size 20 and under a size 6 off and it is just as bad to attack someone who struggle to put on weight or are natural very petite) will continue to use the hash tag and make a statement that it is not ok to segregate groups of people as segregation was abolished a long time ago, so why should it be ok to keep it up with people that are fat/very slim?

All my grown up life I have been fat! Ever since I was about 21 I have been over a size 18 and I remember when I lived in Norway I was following so called fashion rules religiously and didn't venture outside their boundaries. Thinking back now, this made me feel suppressed and clothes shopping was a task that was worse than going to the dentist having your tooth pulled out!! We didn't have much plus size clothing in Norway and with the fashion rules it wasn't much that was left for me to wear.

I have few photos of me from back then, but here are a couple

Quite boring and muted colours and shapes. And to be honest, I look so unhappy. I was confident in myself, but still I lived by rules that has no sense what so ever.

So therefore let us kill some of these rules once and for all!!

First of all I want to show WHY plus size people, slim people, in between people and actually anyone or anything that want to wear it, should wear COLOURS!

Colours are just automatically rising your spirits and making you happy. I love colours. I have always loved colours and the last 8 years of my life I have really embraced it and worn all the colours I have wanted to. And to be honest, I think colours makes me look more attactive!  And everyone can wear colours. Don't let yourself be fooled to think something else cause it is true. If you don't feel comfortable wearing a certain colour, try a different shade and you might be very pleasantly surprised. 

Next up is PATTERNS

So plus size people can't wear patterns because it directs the attention to your body? Well so what? Your body is an amazing machine that you should love and treat nicely so why not be proud and show it off. 

I love patterns. They make me stand out and makes me more edgy. I love playing around with different patterns around, although I need to be better at mixing patterns as I'm not daring enough, but I'm getting there! 

Another rule I followed everyday when I got dressed was to balance my top half with my bottom half as I'm top heavy. That meant no skinny jeans or knee high boots!! But don't you think that skinny jeans looks great on me? 

I think that jeans and jeans inside boots in the autumn and winter is a brilliant look. It's stylish and keep you warm without bothering me if it doesn't balance my body. I like it so I wear it!

Then over to the dreaded SHORT SHORTS. Now this is something I didn't even try to wear for more than 20 years!! Why why why??? Looking back at all the years I've suffered through too hot temperatures in fear of breaking the rules of what I as a bigger woman can wear. Especially when it looks so cool as this!

I even modelled shorts at Style XL last year without feeling uncomfortable.

I love shorts and in my upcoming holiday to Mexico I will be living in them!!! 

There are so many rules that you hear everywhere, so instead of listening to them listen to your own heart and wear what you want. Fashion should be fun and not run by fear of doing something wrong. Everyone has their own style and learn to show that instead of following a dictatorial list that someone else has made!!

Here are some of the other girls that are taking part in this challenge. Go check out what they are saying as well.





  1. Thank you Mookie, you really have inspired me to wear more colour and prints! Maybe because I am a fellow Nordic, but when I was younger it was always grey and black, sad and boring. But not anymore!! :) xx

  2. Yellow looks absolutely incredible on you! You look so much more happy in the "rule breaking" photos :)

  3. Great post Mookie and it's great to see you in so many bright colours. You carry them off so well. xx

  4. Such an inspiring post Mookie. You look absolutely fabulous in every single one of your photos :D xxx

  5. Hell yes looking fantastic as always xx

  6. mookie, you are one dang gorgeous woman! wow! i love all your pics, colorful or not!

  7. Oh Mookie you're so fine! You look amazing and I love you to pieces!

    C xx

  8. I don't know who Jamelia is but she sounds like a bitch.