My 70s Inspired Plus Size Spring Style

How do you build up your outfit? Do you carefully plan outfits for days ahead, the night before, do you just throw something on in the morning or do you do something completely different?
I think I can say that I'm a very impulsive driven person that most days just find something when I wake up and see if it goes together and hope for the best. I'm not organised enough to plan ahead. I normally like having control over things, but with clothes I know that I would probably have changed my mind the next morning anyway so it is just a waste of time.

So this time I wanted to do something a bit different. I wanted to find an item and build up an outfit around it.

I had a look around the internet and fell in love with these lovely Jewel Heeled Sandals from Jones Bootmaker. They are beautiful!! Very stylish and has got that 70s feel to them which is so popular now. So I thought I would try and style a 70s inspired outfit around the shoes. This is what I chose.

My 70s Plus Size Style
Handbag With Tassels From H&M,
T-shirt from Asos,
  Phoebe Kick Flared Jeans from Simply Be,
  Jewel Heeled Sandals From Jones Bootmaker,
Black Yarn Knit Waistcoat With Fringing From Yours Clothing,
 Floppy Hat From Boohoo

I think this whole outfit works and by finding these brilliant shoes I've created something that definitely pushes me out of my comfort zone. I love this outfit and could definitely wear it this spring.

Have you ever built up an outfit by starting with some beautiful shoes? 

Xxx Mookie


  1. I'm a mood based dresser - with a twist as I wear the opposite of my mood. I'm feeling depressed and cranky so wear I spring pastels to lift me, I'm feeling perfectly happy and content and I go a bit moody with my dress, a little parisian chic!

    Love those shoes though - are they comfy, walk all day kinda shoes? I need some comfy summer heels and love Jones the Bootmaker!

    C xx

  2. Great post! I love getting inspiration for an outfit from just one piece of clothing or accessory- that hat is particularly fabulous. I love seeing posts like this as it makes me think how i'd style stuff as well. Great read! xx

  3. That fringed bag is amazing! I've got the huge one I bought with you that day in Guildford, but I need a smaller one too. xx

  4. Love the shoes and the hat... am sure you will look gorgeous in these.

  5. Love the shoes and the hat, am sure you will look gorgeous in them.

  6. Although I really like the outfit, I think I'd go with skinny jeans to add a modern twist and show off the shoes a bit more.