#WeAreTheThey- My Thoughts

Yesterday when I came home from work I saw a post on Facebook that caught my eye. It was my blogging friend Debz who had taken initiative to starting a hashtag as a counterweight to Jamelia's opinions on Loose Women Tuesday where she said that plus size women shouldn't be allowed to shop in high street stores. Rather go to specialist shops. People are allowed to have their opinions, but speaking with such ignorance on national TV is beyond me. If she had been antagonising other groups of the society she would have been into so much trouble, but since she is attacking us fatties it is fine. At least that is what it seems like. I'm not new to fatshaming and I'm sure that most of have heard it all before, both from health care professionals to nasty comments on the street. It's like we are some sort of monsters that have no rights.

However I'm not going to make this post negatively loaded, I'm going to turn it into something very positive. A celebration to all the beautiful women out there no matter what size, that might find it a problem to shop in high street stores for whatever reason. It can be that you are handicapped and sitting in a wheel chair, being so petite that you have to buy shoes and clothes in the children's section, that you are suffering from certain illnesses that makes your body change or even on medication that makes your body change. There are many reasons why you might be a size 2 or a size 32!!

And that is why it was so important that #WeAreTheThey was created,  cause the word "they" is so nondescript and easy to use cause it doesn't single out anyone. I'm sure that most of you reading this is either a fat person or most probably you know someone who is fat so you can relate to the dilemma it is being singled out for being fat. So Debz thought behind it was to let everyone see the faces behind the "they" that Jamelia was talking about.

The solidarity shown last night was amazing and I'm thankful to Debz for starting this campaign and our solidarity with each other is enormous and it makes me rather emotional. So many women, in all sizes stood up to the body shaming hysteria that we are surrounded by and told their stories and to fend their corners as it is each of our own choices how we want to live our lives. Healthy or not is not the question, it is time to stop being such petty creatures and let everyone think for themselves. What is important is that people feel good about themselves whatever size, and it is actually quite a lot of people out there that are truly happy even if they are a size 24 or 32. We are individuals with individual needs and choices, so people should try and accept that.

I felt like giving each and everyone of you a massive hug, but I can't so I decided to fill this post with lovely photos of some of you wonderful people that I have been so fortunate getting to know for the past couple of years. Love you all.


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  1. Fantastic post Mookie! I'm so proud of our community right now. xx