Outfit August- Day 2, 3 and 4

It's time to recap the last few days and the outfits I've been wearing. It's been a few hectic days so I've not been able to post every day, but I will try and post a bit more often at least at the weekends.

August 2nd

I went to London for a travel event and it was so rainy so I opted for this dress from Pink Clove that has become a firm favourite of mine. I paired it with knee length leggings and open toe shoes(stupidly!!!) and felt really comfortable all night. Had an amazing time and even forgot to put my trusted red lipstick on as it was so much fun!!! :)

August 3rd

A mix of old stuff I've got in my wardrobe that I'm using quite a lot and I love.

Top from New Look
Vest top from Primark
Skirt from Asos
Shoes from Simply Be

It was a couple of hours of lovely sunshine so my black outfit became a bit too gloomy for the weather, but before I knew it, it was grey again so apt for English summer :D

August 4th

Simple outfit and I love wearing shorts. :)

Old t-shirt from New Look
Shorts also from New Look also old
Sandals from Pavers

I was so happy and carefree and just enjoying my walk. This was before our car broke down and I got all depressed!!! I don't know how much it will cost to repair it and since I'm not working at the moment we aren't having too much extra cash to spend so I'm quite worried.. But oh well, that is life. Car costs a lot so just have to find the money for it.

I love all three of these outfits and I think they are so cute. It's amazing how much stuff you can find just by having a little look in your drawers and wardrobe. I really like this challenge and are already looking forward to tomorrows photos!!!


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