Monochrome Stripes With Yours Clothing

Back in the day I used to wear cardigans ALL the time, but the last 5-6 of years not so much as I used to wear them more to cover up my upper arms with sleeveless dresses before and that is something I've stopped doing as my confidence have become better. But when I saw this cardigan from Yours Clothing I couldn't help to pick it when they asked me to review one of their items.

I love stripes and I love monochrome and this cardigan had everything I was looking for. I envisioned so many ways I could use it and knew I would love it as soon as I saw it.

In this first look I chose to show it off in an evening style. More of a end of the evening type of thing if it gets cold and you need something to keep you warm when you are sitting in a pub garden or at a barbecue. Then this cardigan is perfect. It's not too thick, but it's warm enough to keep you cosy and warm. And it looks nice with the black outfit. And you can easily team it with a women mini skirt.

For my second look I chose to go more casual. Simple and basic with a white top and denim shorts for a summer style that you can wear on typical English summer days when you need a little bit extra layering to feel just right.

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