Outfit August- Day 1

It's August already! Hasn't that come around quickly? It's not long since I was looking forward to summer and now the last month of summer is here. So this month I'm going to do as many fun things I can and one of these things I'm doing is taking part in a challenge that my wifey Leah over at Love Leah has been doing for a few years already but that I haven't taken part in yet. But this year I wanted to take part as I can post when I want to, so I will probably do outfits every day, but do posts every few days. The aim of this challenge is to hunt what you already have in your wardrobe and that is exactly what I've been doing all year so it's perfect for me to take part in this as it's a great opportunity to show off more of my hidden gems. There are some other ladies taking part in this challenge too which I will link to at the bottom of this post so take a look at their posts too.

But over to the outfit of today.

 Stupid car driving past ruining my photos ;) 

I'm wearing a very cheap outfit today. It cost me in total about £15.

Top is an old crop top from New Look.
Skirt is from Primark
Shoes from Primark
Bangles old ones from Evans

I found this crop top at bottom of my drawers and I had completely forgotten about it and I had not even used it. I tried it on and now I love it. I've used it so many times since I found it and I can see it will be a favourite as it goes with so many things.

The skirt I bought from Primark earlier in the summer and is so great to use for a casual summer style. It goes so well with all the pinks that I've been living in this summer as well, but I wanted to mix it with something else than pink as you're probably fed up with all the Barbie colours on my blog by now.

The other ladies that are taking part in this challenge are



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  2. I've got this top too. It's great, isn't it? I must wear mine again soon. You look great! xx

  3. I love this outfit you look fabulous as always xxxxx